Why Use Google Analytics?

I wanted to figure out my most popular blog posts, but then I got to exploring…

I set my date range for the past 2 years and noticed 2 HUUUUGE spikes. What happened on July 23, 2021 that made my website get 941 views?! I checked out my Instagram and noticed I posted one of my website in a days that I loved and I shared her review that mentioned an IMMEDIATE CONVERSION from the new site.

Moral of the story? Get reviews that show exactly how your service benefitted your client.

Another huge spike happened on March 21, 2021 where I had 788 page views. On a Sunday?! I had to dig in.

First I checked Instagram. I had posted the day prior about the first day of Spring, but that wouldn’t have brought traffic to my website. Then I went to the other platforms in which I post (secondary to Instagram). Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, and Pinterest. Those all led to dead ends so I have yet to uncover the great mystery of 2021. (Yes, I could easily dig more into it. No, I don’t have time #momlife)

So back to the beginning, what are my most popular blog posts?

By a long shot it is my Canva Animation post, aka, nothing that has to do with website design. You just never know what will be most popular when you throw 160 blog posts into the universe 😂 This corresponding video tutorial on YouTube also has 16,800+ views, so I wasn’t shocked to see it there.

My next-highest blog post was a post about Shopify. This is a question I had personally when designing a Shopify website and I found no resources on it, so I created the blog and YouTube video. However, I am not a Shopify designer nor do I desire to be one at this time.


No! If you head over to my BLOG PAGE you will see “Popular Posts” at the top. Logically I would add these two posts, however you need to know your audience and ideal client. The person finding those posts are searching Google for them, the person landing on my website blog page to peruse is wanting Squarespace and Showit website tips and maybe entrepreneur advice, so those are what I will feature. You always want to make sure you are catering your page from beginning to end to your ideal client.

So by now you have made it to the end of the blog post and are probably royally confused. Why even use Google analytics if I’m not doing anything about it? Well for one it helps to know what people are searching for on Google. Even if the blog post doesn’t directly lead to my offer, it gets eyes on my website which helps with Search Engine Optimization.

Another thing I didn’t even touch on in this post is being able to track your consumers’ behavior. So they get to your website through Instagram let’s say, but then what do they do? Behavior is worth tracking. If you want to learn more about that as well as how to TEST YOUR WEBSITE, check out this post. I chat about qualitative and quantitative data and this is how I get my website to convert!

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