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How Non-Techie Biz Owners Can Quickly Design a High-Converting Website That Makes Sales

I'm Bekah, your mentor for Designing a Site FAST!

How do you make a website that reflects you & draws in clients?

Min 3:00

overwhelmed figuring it out

TEMPLATES will help you move you along and take action on your website.

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stuck in cycle of analysis paralysis 

All that website work just to not show up on search engines? NOT YOU!

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you will show up on google

Hi! I’m Bekah, your mentor for diying your website!

In JUST A WEEKEND you can have a website up in running full of your personality and brand.  My process will help you feel confident to send potential clients to your website.

And I’m known for creating results like this

“I have a new position open for my team that I posted yesterday. I have had a couple of applicants say they were motivated to apply after visiting my site. One lady said ‘the look and feel of your site drew me in.’ I just love that!!!”


a website Doesn’t Have to take you months or thousands of dollars to finish

Check out the 30-minute process breakdown walking you through the steps

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