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There are two types of testing you can do (and should do) on your Showit or Squarespace website! This is a lot like my blog about qualitative vs. quantitative data, but a little more specific to tracking your website.

Testing your website to improve Search Engine Optimization

User Testing

Ask people to visit your homepage and ask them what do you think this website is for/ what do you think we do as a company?

Use Loom – have a friend go to website use loom hit record and talk through what they see on site.

Data Driven Analysis

Head on over to Google Analytics and look at “behavior”. It analyzes how people behave on your website. Go to events (event is what user does on your website like scroll, hover, click).

Split test and make changes to your design based on that test. For example, many times people don’t scroll past the 15% mark on a website page. Now you can ask – what can you do to build their curiosity so the people scrolls to the next section? Messaging that keeps them intrigued? Or maybe photos that flow down.

Another thing to track – bounce rate

Headline isn’t peaking their curiosity. Isn’t speaking to how you can help them. Different for every industry but 55-75 is a good bounce rate. If it is higher than 75 you need to make more compelling H1’s.

You can put multiple sites onto one Google Analytic account if you have more than one website.

Connecting Google Analytics Account to tag manager

Want to create that variable to say for these tags I want it to go to this google analytics dashboard? Add a tag so you can better track.

Go to https://tagmanager.google.com/. Create an account for your website and add your URL. Go back to workspace and you want to create a variable with your Google analytics. New variable configuration -> Google Analytics Setting -> and add your tracking ID. Go back to your website and tie your website with that variable you also created.

Access it on Google analytics- Behavior -> Events -> Overview -> Event Action.

Want to know how far down people scroll down the page or where they stop and click?

Set it up – variables go to cofigure and make sure it is all clicked. Go to submit and publish (add version name like click settings). Come back to work space and set up new trigger – trigger configuration -> All elements and save. Preview. This sets it up in preview mode. When you go to your website it should bring up a preview box at the bottom. Any time I take an action it shows up.

We all feel like Kindergartners when we start looking at Google Analytics so don’t get overwhelmed. Research one thing at a time and take it slowly.

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