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BOOK ME FOR A week FOR a 5-page website DESIGN


 Are you a busy entrepreneur and you just don't have time to design your own website?

Are you concerned that you can't afford a full Showit or Squarespace website design?

✓ Brand clarity through my proven brand discovery process

✓A Showit or Squarespace website that attracts your IDEAL client

✓ A site that allows you to book clients with ease

✓ A site that does the hard work for you (SEO groundwork)

✓5 page website (usually home, about, blog, contact, and services page)

✓ Website color scheme choice

✓ Logo, blog, & key business website integrations (contact form, etc.)

✓ A week to work through edits

✓ 1 hour training session at the end of the week teaching you how to update your site + add new pages (recorded)

✓ A responsive & mobile-friendly website

✓ Editing of your website copy

You wake up, brew some coffee, sit down to work on your business, but instead of staring at a confusing website platform with no direction, you have a professional website strategist and designer guiding you through a PROVEN process. She has blocked off the whole week JUST FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS.

In one (intense) week we will have a re-designed or created a brand new Squarespace or Showit website with 5 pages up and running! This will help you get started right away with getting leads and booking new dream clients.

With this service you get a professional website designer's undivided attention on YOUR business for a full week, the ability to be more involved in the design process, plus a much faster turnaround than the normal 6 week web design process.

Set aside 1 week and you will come away with...

Imagine This...

What works best for one entrepreneur, may not be the best choice for YOU! Through the brand discovery process I will uncover the best platform for you and by the end of the project you will be equipped to fully manage your new digital home.

I don't believe one-size-fits-all...

I thought FOR SURE by the time I was 5 years in business I would have the platform I like most nailed down and every site would have the light, airy, and whimsical style I love so much... and then I realized that simply isn't what's BEST for every client.

I work with my clients on Showit, Squarespace, and even Wordpress at times to design a website that speaks to their ideal client and will *actually* convert that client into a paying customer.



Kelsey Formost is a copywriter for beginning entrepreneurs. She teaches them how to write words that sell without forking out ALL the money every time they need a new sales page, email launch sequence, etc.

Her copywriting work and her heart are AMAZING, but her current Squarespace website wasn't reflecting that.


Once she invested in a website designer, she was able to achieve the high-end, clean website with warm washes of colors she was dreaming about. We went for a design aesthetic that relays the empowering and joyful brand people have come to know her for.

The goal? That her design (not just words) would draw in her ideal audience (aka the solopreneur women)!


I would love to help your business get more web traffic while maintaining a beautiful design!

Whether you are looking for a Squarespace, Showit, or WordPress site, I can help you decide which will be best for you - and then create it for you from scratch.

You're ready for a website that shares your heartfelt work and leaves you feeling fulfilled

You're ready to share the human behind your beautiful brand, but you struggle figuring out how to do that without giving away your whole heart and soul.

You have a story to tell and a gift to share with the World and simply need assistance in sharing that and portraying it in a cohesive manner.

You want to showcase your spirit (not just your work) through your website and leave the process not feeling creatively drained, but more fulfilled.

You're over the DIY route and want to devote your time to serving YOUR IDEAL clients!

My goal is to be your biggest cheerleader as we craft your heartfelt brand.

The Experience

Your website isn't just a pretty design.

What's brand discovery do for me?

My goal is to create a website that CONVERTS. That means people land on your website and *actually* book with you.

I do this through a proven brand discovery process. By delving into the heart of your brand I am able to find:

     Keywords that will help people find you on search engines

     Copy that intrigues your audience keeping them on your site longer

     A consistent WHY and VALUES that you can add throughout your social media to build the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor

I have a strategic approach to branding that will help us develop your brand strategy, not just for your website, but AFTER.

This strategy will keep you moving forward after the project is over.


I will help you create a cohesive website that is polished and consistent throughout.

Sometimes you are too embarrassed to hand out your business card or website because the quality doesn’t reflect the quality you deliver. 

Nothing wrong with doing it yourself in the beginning, but as you get further along in your career you need to update your branding to reflect where you are at! Let me help you make a brand that reflects your personality, values, and tells a story in a strategic manner. 

Your branding is outdated or too DIY. 

Maybe you know what keywords are but you are lost after that? I’ve been creating websites since 2013 and have seen the evolution of SEO. I know how to register your site with Google, tag your photos, figure out the best keywords and put them in the right spots, etc. so you can focus on your business. p.s. just want help with SEO? Check out this Squarespace SEO course. 

SEO, SE… what?! 

Some people may have time to waste, but NOT you! I’m here to help you from start to finish. I can do it all or just help with the areas on which you’re stuck. I will tailor a package just for you!

I’ve wasted time trying to figure out my template.

Whether you are trying to find a host or simply which platform to use, I know the ins and outs of Showit, Squarespace, and WordPress. I will help you choose which is best for YOU and your business!

I’ve tried for a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out WHERE to host my website.

Hey friend! Thanks for stopping by! Does this sound like you?

I'VE GOT A PROCESS FOR THAT! Let’s work together to pinpoint your ideal client and what they want to see. I have a document that will walk you through easy-to-answer questions that will help me figure out your ideal client and perfect keywords. From there, it is on me to design something that will catch their attention and cause them to fill out an inquiry form!

You aren’t getting the right type of client. 


This is perfect for someone who has tried to DIY their website or bought a template and needs customizations.

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"I'm in love with the new website! My experience with Bekah was incredibly simple- streamlined, personal, and worth every penny!

Bekah did a great job of providing additional resources and I LOVE the prerecorded zoom training at the end of our website in a day session so I can go back again and again to listen to all the nuggets!"

Caryn Bothman  ·  Spokane Nonprofit

40 websites

and counting

"Bekah saved me so much time and so much hassle! What I appreciated the most was how she laid out the day and had everything scheduled out. I knew exactly what to expect and how to best prepare as a result. Highly recommend Bekah's Website in a Week package!"

Laci Mottice  ·  The Inviting Garden Co.

"I feel confident, not only in the aesthetics and workability of my website now, but I also feel confident in my ability to keep it updated and useable.  Bekah was super easy to work with, attentive to my needs and ramblings, and able to get the job done with ease."

Carol Dockrey  ·  Team Dockrey


Are you an entrepreneur ready to up-level your website and find your people?

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How much time will I have you? 1 week

What if I need you more than my booked time? Squarespace and Showit have an AMAZING support team that can answer all your questions, however if you want to book me further, I bill my work at $100/ hr. I do have a cap on extra hours (only 3 hours over total).

What happens with unused time? Does it roll over? I keep the price low, so if it takes us less than 1 week, we will just have more time to celebrate and perfect the design! 

What do I need to do beforehand? Fill out my brand discovery guide, gather all your brand photos and brand assets (ie. logo, patterns, etc.) into a Google drive for me, create the copy (you will have about 1-2 days of prep-work). It's also helpful if you look through Squarespace or Showit templates and choose your top 2.

What is your cancellation policy? You must provide me with a 14-30 day notice.

The process





Go to my calendar & book a free call. Then we will choose a week for your website design and you will secure your date with a 50% deposit, or pay in full.

Once you’ve booked, you’ll receive 2 emails - the 2nd email will have your brand discovery guide and it’s important that you start working on this right away as well as collecting all your website content.

On the first day of the week, we will communicate through a video conferencing service of choice and we’ll develop the bulk of your website!  You won't be literally on the call the whole day, but I will ask for you to have your email up for quick responses. (I'll need your corrections for draft 1 by EOD Tuesday)

Wednesday - you'll receive draft 2

Thursday - draft 3

Friday - I add SEO Groundwork and you prep for launch!


Hover to see the 


Services Page

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About Page


✓ Small businesses who are just getting started and don't have the budget for a full website design

✓ Been in business less than 3 years

✓ Anyone who is DIYing their own website

✓ Have a streamlined suite of offers

✓ Don't need lots of integrations

✓ Anyone who already has a website and wants a professional to go back through and optimize it

✓ You're decisive

✓ You can have your content ready to go on day 1

who is this service for?

Are you ready to get some assistance on the website of your dreams?