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I feel so blessed to have worked with some amazing creative entrepreneurs to help them create their heartfelt website that reflect the quality of their work.


This project was developed for Kelsey Fomost, a copywriter and educator whose mission is to help other entrepreneurs write words that sell. Together we customized her Showit template and created a website with the goal of featuring her main course - Copy Class - as well as feature her brand Magic Words Copywriting.


SHOWIT WEBSITE DESIGN - template customization

food photographer

"Rebekah was amazing to work with! I did a website in a day with her and I would highly recommend this! She takes time to come up with brand colors, fonts, and a design that you love! We were in contact throughout the entire day. She was there to provide her ideas, give me feedback, and answer every question that I had. Then at the end of the day we had a call to go over all the aspects of my website and how to work it. She has even been able to answer emails of questions thats I’ve had afterwards. If you’re looking to revamp your website or even redo it entirely, I highly suggest reaching out to Rebekah! Not only is she super talented, but she is a gem of a person!!'




Shelley is a counselor for substance use disorders. We wanted to feature her online counseling services for people with chronic illness and provide a space on the internet that gives them hope that there can be healing.

"You are a website goddess! You have been so pleasant to work with. You are gifted and have good boundaries. I need you. When I need to expand my website I will be coming back!"


SHOWIT WEBSITE DESIGN - template customization

inventor - store

Ashley is working on developing a wearable breast pump accessory that will help working moms save time and  be more comfortable pumping. We needed a landing place for her to send investors to and later sell the bra.

'Rebekah was amazing to work with. She made the process of developing a personalized, professional website fun and easy. Her design approach made sure the heart of my business was on full display, and I appreciate that she empowered me to maintain my site with simple tutorials. I would highly recommend working with Rebekah Read Creative!"


squarespace WEBSITE DESIGN

blogger - Homebuilt Education

Mandy Davis found a niche, gained a large Instagram following FAST, was published in major publications and needed a website like yesterday. Website in a day was a perfect fit for her. We made it on Squarespace so she could easily update it as her brand evolved.

"I am so thankful for the beautiful web design and for the launch of my new website! Bekah is a fellow mama working from home with an incredible “Website in a Day” program, if you’re looking to DIY your branding, you can get a peek into the process I did with her moodboard freebie!"


squarespace WEBSITE DESIGn


Erin started her counseling and support system for people who work and play in wild spaces. We needed an online home that showcased her adventurous personality with the fact that she is licensed to provide therapy in ID, WA, MT, OR, and TX.  We created her logo, color palette, and website all in a day in a custom website package.


squarespace WEBSITE DESIGN

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A little about Bekah

Bekah is a small business web designer, Squarespace educator, and momma of 2.

Bekah finds joy in the process of discovering the person behind the brand and making them feel known.

Her goal and deepest desire is to be her client's biggest cheerleader in their craft and provide them with a community of supporters.


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