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I’M SPILLING THE TEA on what I use to run my small business.

If you are about to start your entrepreneur journey and just need a blueprint, I’ve got you friend. These are my top tools to launching your biz. From project management to marketing, these have stood the test of time.

If you're like me and have tried to do all the things free, I GET IT. However sometimes it is a good idea to invest in your business. These are the few resources I deem WORTH IT!

My Toolbox

What are the magical tools I use to create my entrepreneur business?

g suite

This is how I manage #allthethings. GSuite – I use the GSuite for almost everything – my email, calendar, spreadsheets, word documents, and for file storage!


If you want creative freedom, Showit is my favorite website design platform! Get a free month (a credit card is required - cancel at any time) & try it out!

Use code bekah at checkout.


I'm pretty 50/50 with recommending Squarespace or Showit to my clients (truly depends on their industry), but you know I love Squarespace (I mean I have a SEO course + DIY course!) - Save 10%  off your first subscription of a website using the code RRC10


I will forever be raving about Toggl for time blocking and planning. Here is an introduction on how I use it!

TOOLS & Resources I SWEAR BY

I tried creating a course ON my website and although it can be done, it is not worth the hassle + you can't track progress or send emails. After much research I chose Podia as my initial course platform. Then I moved to ThriveCart (aka I have experience, and trust me TC is worth it for the ONE time payment).

Check it out


I use this CRM for 1. scheduling appointments 2. sending contracts 3. invoices (aka all my bookkeeping) 4. creating workflows to streamline my client's experience & have less work on my end. Literally couldn't live without it.  

GET 20% OFF FIRST YEAR (use code bekah)


Writing subject lines may just be the bane of my existence, so I got the Subject Line Generator for $47 from Kelsey Formost which has been helping me with my open rates! Want an easy in? CHECK OUT her freebie How to Build an Email List. She also has an AMAZING signature course called COPY CLASS!


For email marketing and for writing weekly newsletters, FLODESK IS THE PLATFORM TO BE ON! Y'all it took me a while to bite the bullet, but the fact that I ENJOY sending emails is a huge win! Use code BEKAH for 50% off your first year!


Yes, with some of these I get a little commission, (with no extra cost to you) but I would recommend all of them regardless!
It’s an easy way to support my biz at no cost to you.

If you are on Squarespace, I would suggest getting your domain name through them, however if you use WordPress or Showit, I suggest 1. Hostmonster 2. Google Domains 3. (avoid GoDaddy)

Domain Name


The Legal Paige has contracts for EVERYTHING!  I suggest her Terms & Conditions contract for your website.

I'm 6 years into my biz and still don't have a bookkeeper or accountant... this is how!

This easy-to-use plug and play bookkeeping template has been a part of my biz since 2021.



Canva is perfect for when I need to create a quick graphic for my newsletter, social media posts, etc.

If I need to create something a bit more intense, I use the Adobe Creative Suite. 

here's my two cents... 

Was this overwhelming?

Pick something and move on.

Get going with your personal branding + website. Choose a CRM. And make progress in your biz.

I personally use Showit as my website platform, but there are many benefits to Squarespace. If you are wanting to DIY your website, CHECK OUT THIS BLOG! I lay out the differences and advantages to each platform.

My best advice? Stop overthinking it. Pick a platform, use a template, set a deadline and HIT PUBLISH. You can always change it up as you go!

Thanks for all the awesome RESOURCES,
but I just want the freebies you've created!

check out the freebies