I feel so overwhelmed at the process of designing an ENTIRE website

I am embarrassed to send potential clients to my site.

I have spent hours and hours designing my Squarespace website just to feel like it is so BLAH and I'm ready to throw in the towel.

Does this resonate?

Where do I even start?


hear about nancy's

with this diy squarespace course

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Good news... YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

Friend, I know. But more importantly? I remember.

     ⁍  I remember looking at the backend of Squarespace and promptly shutting my computer and saying "I'll figure it out later".
     ⁍  I remember the ENDLESS YouTube videos I watched just trying to piecemeal it all together to design a site I actually liked.
     ⁍  I remember the tears.
     ⁍  I remember the stress.
     ⁍  I remember the desire for it to just be OVER.
     ⁍  I remember it all. 

It wasn’t that long ago that I was there too. I was launching my own creative business (social media actually), highly motivated to be my own boss, knew I needed a website, but didn't have the funds to hire it out. What. A. Rollercoaster. 


BUT NOW I AM A WEBSITE DESIGNER! How did I go from that to getting rid of my social media services and doing websites full time? All the tricks I am about to teach you!

Want a beautiful site


i'm in! let's get started

Learn how to build a unique, CUSTOM, Squarespace website that does the hard work for you (AKA attracts your ideal client without all that Instagram marketing)

One of my FIRST Squarespace websites in 2018

2021 Squarespace website design!

i can show you how!

What if everything you needed to design a website was all in one spot?

I'm so confused with how to design a website...

There is so much passion behind every new biz. But there’s also a steep learning curve to learn #allthethings. The internet is a gold mine of information, but it can be overwhelming to sift through.

Do you:

     ⁍  Hustle ‘til you drop.
     ⁍  Dig up all the freebies on the world wide web related to web design.
     ⁍  Spend your evenings and weekends watching YouTube tutorial after YouTube tutorial.

I used to as well, but that sounds like a great way to burn out to me. 

Please don’t try to do this alone.

I am here and want to help. Let my mistakes (I like to think of them as lessons learned) be what you use to speed up your success. 

Through my own trial and error, I’ve discovered a lot of what works when it comes to designing websites.

It took a lot of hustle for me to figure this out (think binging podcasts, purchasing multiple courses, etc.). But it will all be worth it if you let me use what I’ve learned to help you.

This is for the new entrepreneur

starting out or less than a year into their business

who is frustrated, nervous, confused, or overwhelmed with the process of designing a website.

i'm in! Let's get started

⁍ You know you need an email list but have no idea how to add it to your website.

⁍ You send people to your Instagram to see your work instead of your website.

⁍ You want to make a *real* income, and know a website will make you look more professional, but are intimidated by the $3,000 price tag of most designers. 

Does this ring a bell?

Do you want a new website, but can't afford a designer?

"Bekah helped me with my Squarespace website IMMENSELY. She offered specific, practical advice that I was able to immediately implement on my site and sent videos when I didn't understand. I couldn't afford a web designer and Bekah came alongside me to help me navigate Squarespace and design a site in which I am proud."

Cam Taffelmeyer, Cambrya Writes, Copywriter 

Squarespace with confidence is for New Entrepreneurs

It’s simple really; I am passionate about helping new entrepreneurs. I remember the daily weight of trying to market myself on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It was exhausting. Once I learned how to create a website that *actually* converts, I started getting clients through GOOGLE. 

With my proven strategies and a tested process, your website can go from a seedling idea to a fully-functional, working-for-you website in a week.

No more procrastinating with unlimited research, hustling, and Pinterest-saving. That’s a trap that may seem worthwhile, but honestly? It can be endless. I’m here to help you actually start moving in designing your site. Let’s go. 

Clarity in Your Next Steps

There are so many facets to designing a website. With a to-do list miles long, it can be hard to focus on just one next step. 

I get it. Remember? I’ve done it. Right now, you’re probably trying to do alllllll the things at once. And you’re probably not making much progress that way. It’s ok! We’ll break this down one baby step at a time until before you know it you’ve developed a site you in which you are proud to send clients!

I promise to put my decade of marketing experience + web design knowledge to teach you all my secrets. And together, we’ll bring your website dream to life.

Great. So what is the transformation?

"Rebekah knows her stuff! As a start-up entrepreneur myself, I’ve literally bookmarked her content to refer too! I have taken away so many valuable tips and tricks related to web design since following her and have seen REAL results!! She is always there to answer any of my questions and really takes the time to ensure I’m not left confused- which has meant SO much to me starting my business from scratch!"

- Sarah Paige Bozardt, Sarah Paige Made, Graphic Designer + Social Media Manager

Topics Covered

In this 8 module program, I’ve included everything you need to know, including:

Module 1 - Getting Started
    ⁍ Basic Squarespace Stuff
    ⁍ 7.0 and 7.1 differentiation

Module 2 - Site Strategy
    ⁍ Brand strategy - how to make a website that converts
    ⁍ Site mapping (laying out the design before implementing)

Module 3 - Copywriting
    ⁍ My system for gathering content/ where to put it
    ⁍ How to write copy that converts

Module 4 - Basic Squarespace tutorials
    ⁍ Step-by-step easy to follow tutorials on creating pages in Squarespace and editing the pages
    ⁍ Web design best practices

Module 5 - Up-level your website
    ⁍ How to add custom fonts
    ⁍ How to create a favicon with Canva and upload it to your Squarespace website
    ⁍ Custom 404 page
    ⁍ Specialized backgrounds created in Canva
    ⁍ How to add related posts to the bottom of Squarespace blog posts
    ⁍ Creating a landing page for courses

Module 6 - Advanced Squarespace tricks
    ⁍ Hacks and secrets
    ⁍ My favorite codes to implement
    ⁍ Mobile CSS for elements that aren't working
    ⁍ Customizing forms with CSS

Module 7 - Search engine optimization
    ⁍ How to add and format images on Squarespace
    ⁍ Increase you Squarespace website's visibility to search engines
    ⁍ Mobile web design 
    ⁍ Blogging : How to use tags and categories in Squarespace blog posts

Module 8 - Marketing with Squarespace
    ⁍ How to customize a Squarespace pop-up
    ⁍ Adding an Instagram Feed to a Squarespace Website
    ⁍ How to add and customize an announcement bar on a Squarespace website
    ⁍ Site launch prep // my launch checklist
    ⁍ Custom linktree

Bonus Module - Adding a Shop
    ⁍ Adding a custom shop page to Squarespace
    ⁍ Adding products to your store

Yes! I believe you can! Click on the sites below to see some examples of work I've done over the years. YOU CAN TOO!

But can I REALLY do it?

i'm in! let's get started

SQUARESPACE WITH CONFIDENCE is perfect for people struggling to create a Squarespace website that adequately reflects their brand and WOWs their ideal client..

Stop struggling to create a Squarespace website

If you’ve always wanted to…

    ⁍Design a website you're proud to send clients to

    ⁍Have a website that CONVERTS (aka gets your paying customers)

    ⁍Have a Squarespace up and running within 2 weeks

…then this course is for you!

A little about Bekah

I started designing websites on WordPress in 2011 -- yes you read that right. Basically the dark ages! After starting RRC in 2018 I realized I loved working with newer business owners, but I HATED passing off a complicated WordPress site -- insert Squarespace!

I have loved the flexibility and EASE of Squarespace and after working with amazing clients for 3 years I was reminded of my heart for new business owners.

At that point my prices were pretty steep for the newbies so that is when my 1:1 service evolved into this course!

So I could serve so many more individuals, like you, while still making enough to feed my family (you know how it is).

I'm here to take my years of expertise of brand strategy, marketing, and website design and hand off all my knowledge to you.

What I teach you in the course is the exact process I go through with clients to develop stunning websites that CONVERT! {Want to read about their successes? Here's some testimonials!}

I'm so excited to help so many more individuals on this journey!

Frequently asked questions

How to know if the course is right for you...

How do I know this course will work for me?

‘Squarespace With Confidence’ is an 8-module program that’s based on tested, proven methods I have used with over 50 clients. You’re not only getting access to the tools that I have used, you’re getting my own unique process to creating a website that actually converts (aka gets your client to buy or contact you). 

Is the course on Squarespace 7.0 or 7.1?

I will be teaching on how to design on 7.1.  As a designer, I think 7.0 is great, but for someone who isn't a website designer and is wanting to DIY their website, I think 7.1 is better. Here's a little info on the difference.

Does the purchase of the course come with lifetime access?

You bet! You've got lifetime access and you get access to any updates.

Is your website on Squarespace or Showit?

My personal website is on Showit. I am 50/50 with which I refer to clients! It totally depends on their industry and ideal client. That being said, I believe you can create a “Showit site” on Squarespace and vice-versa. Don't believe me? Watch this tutorial of me doing it with my website in 35 minutes.

If you are interested in seeing some of my custom Squarespace websites, here are a few examples (I've designed about 30 so I will spare you and not attach them all).


What if I don’t like it? Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the course and the fact that you get access to all the modules, there isn't a refund policy.

Is this for ecommerce websites? 

Unfortunately, we will not go into how to setup the back end of shipping, payment options, etc. just because that is a whole separate beast and would be another module!

That being said,  I know how badly you want your shop up and running for digital and physical products! This may be added to the course at some point! I'll keep you updated!

"If you are feeling anxious or unsure about how to complete or tackle a large project like a website, then Bekah’s your girl. She has saved me hours of research with her videos that are chocked full of how-tos on designing a website...  She is a person who cares for others, who is a cheerleader and believes in you and your business. Bekah truly is sharing her skills and uplifting others by empowering them with the tools they need to be successful."

- Morgan Gerdes, Morgan Rae Creative, Project Organizer

Now is the time to design the Squarespace site of your dreams!

Well friend, are you ready? I hope you know by now that I believe in you. I want you to feel all the joy and success of a beautiful website. Are you ready to commit to spending the time to design a Squarespace website?


i'm in! let's get started

Are you incredibly overwhelmed with the idea of creating a website?