Don’t have THOUSANDS to spend on a professional website designer?

…even if you hate technology
…even if you’ve never designed a website

Have your website up and running in 30 days or less, without getting overwhelmed

See inside the course

Do you feel this way…

Tried to DIY a Squarespace website and am ready to throw in the towel because it is just too complicated

Overwhelmed by the idea of designing your own website from scratch

Want to be able to update or change my website without having to hire a designer every single time

I don’t want a website to stop you from pursuing your business dreams. I want you to experience ease & actually enjoy designing a website.  

I remember looking at the backend of Squarespace and promptly shutting my computer and saying "I'll figure it out later".

I remember the ENDLESS YouTube videos I watched just trying to piecemeal it all together to design a site I actually liked.

I remember the tears.

I remember the stress.

I remember the desire for it to just be OVER.

I remember it all. 

Take your website from ho-hum to professional.

Learn how to build a unique, CUSTOM, Squarespace website that does the hard work for you (AKA attracts your ideal client without all that Instagram marketing). I love helping new entrepreneurs design a site that CONVERTS.

Good news... YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Friend, I know. But more importantly? I remember being a small business & not being able to afford a website designer...

BC It wasn’t that long ago that I was there too. 

How did I go from that to getting rid of my social media services and doing websites full time?

I was launching my own creative business (social media actually), highly motivated to be my own boss, knew I needed a website, but didn't have the funds to hire it out.

What. A. Rollercoaster.

But now I am a website designer! 

All the tricks I am about to teach you!

The Squarespace With Confidence course is exactly what I needed to LAUNCH my website.

The Squarespace With Confidence course is exactly what I needed to launch my website. Bekah created modules for this course that are easy to follow and can be completed at your own pace. Overall I think it took me about 8 weeks to complete but could have easily been done quicker if I had organized my time differently. This course helps you get a clearer vision of your brand and teaches you how to reach your ideal client. Excellent course!

- AMY CORNISH  (CookieDecorator for Simply Sweet Spokane)


Yes! I believe you can! Click on the sites below to see some examples of work I've done over the years on Squarespace. YOU CAN TOO!

But can I REALLY do it?



This is perfect for people struggling to create a Squarespace website that adequately reflects their brand and WOWs their ideal client.

COMPLETE A WEBSITE while defining the core of your brand in just 4-5 hours total!

This course is 9 modules and will take you 20-30 minutes per module.

Yes, this is exactly what i need!


Let’s get your WEBSITE up & running & working for you! You deserve to stop the marketing hustle. You’ve worked for it.

Inside this program you will finally

Cross "FINISH WEBSITE" off your to-do list! Have them nodding. No more procrastinating with unlimited research and Pinterest-saving. 

Get CLARITY on your ideal client! Honestly? I paid 1k to go through a course all about branding & nailing your ICA - I teach you what I learned in Module 2.

Stop hustling on INSTAGRAM to get your clients. Let's have Search Engine Optimization do the hard work, okay?

Feel CONFIDENT updating your website! Don't hire a designer every time you need to make updates to your site.

Stop STRUGGLING to create a Squarespace website that adequately reflects your brand and WOWs your ideal client.

say no more, I'm in

This program was JAM PACKED with info on how you can do your own site if you are low on funds and can't hire a designer.

This course is reasonably priced and jam packed with information on how you can DIY your own site...OR if you already have a site, how to make updates and how to incorporate custom coding. I already had a website, but I wanted to change it up on my own and was able to by taking this course. With Rebekah's knowledge I was able to start my own website design company! This is great for the beginner who doesn't have thousands to spend on a designer... Squarespace is such an easy platform to use...

- NANCY BISCHOFF (Educator to Squarespace Designer)


I couldn't AFFORD a web designer and Bekah came alongside me to help me navigate Squarespace

Bekah helped me with my Squarespace website IMMENSELY. She offered specific, practical advice that I was able to immediately implement on my site and sent videos when I didn't understand. I couldn't afford a web designer and Bekah came alongside me to help me navigate Squarespace and design a site in which I am proud.



Take a peek at the modules!

There is so much passion behind every new biz. But there’s also a steep learning curve to learn #allthethings. The internet is a gold mine of information, but it can be overwhelming to sift through.

I was in that hustle game. Spending evenings and weekends watching YouTube tutorial after YouTube tutorial trying to learn how grow my email list, design a website, and find clients.

I was on the fast track to burnout.

I am here and want to help. Let my mistakes (I like to think of them as lessons learned) be what you use to speed up your success. 

Through my own trial and error, I’ve discovered a lot of what works when it comes to designing websites.

Phase 1


Prior to diving into designing, I go through some basic Squarespace info and site/ brand strategy (aka how to make a website that ACTUALLY converts).

Then you'll get step-by-step, easy to follow tutorials on creating pages in Squarespace and editing the pages plus web design best practices.

(MODULE 1 & 2 - updated for Squarespace Fluid Engine)


Phase 2

up-level your site

Module 3 is all about up-leveling & CUSTOMIZING your website.

Module 4 goes into advanced Squarespace tricks with some of my favorite codes to implement.


Phase 3


What good is a website if it can't be found on Google?
In Module 5 we will go into how to add and format images on Squarespace, mobile web design, and blogging!

I'll teach you my top tips to increase your Squarespace website's visibility to search engines so you can grow your business without the marketing hassle and Instagram rat-race!


Phase 4

marketing, copywriting, & brand strategy

Use Squarespace to MARKET your business (Module 8)! You'll learn how to customize a Squarespace pop-up, add an Instagram Feed, create a custom LinkTree, and customize an announcement bar. You'll also get my site launch prep checklist.

Module 6 is copywriting tips and Module 7 is site strategy. I believe they are both important in figuring out your ideal customer and then crafting a website that will get them to actually buy your product or service.

PlUS a bonus module (aka Module 9) all about adding a shop!


Leave this feeling behind, for good.

No more marketing on every platform. I give you my decade of marketing experience + web design knowledge so you can stop the hustle of being on all the social media platforms & let your website be your main marketing tool!

No more mile long to-do list related to your website. Get clear, baby steps so you can focus and GET 'ER DONE!

Trying to do alllll the things at once and not making much progress. I'm here to encourage you to bring your website dream to life.

immediately yes

I have taken away so many VALUABLE tips and tricks related to web design

Rebekah knows her stuff! As a start-up entrepreneur myself, I’ve literally bookmarked her content to refer too! I have taken away so many valuable tips and tricks related to web design since following her and have seen REAL results!! She is always there to answer any of my questions and really takes the time to ensure I’m not left confused- which has meant SO much to me starting my business from scratch!

- SARAH BOZARDT (Graphic Designer + Social Media Manager)

Pick your plan. See you inside.


for 6 months

You get immediate access to:

- The trainings

- Bite-sized payment plan

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One-time payment

You get immediate access to:

- This amazing course with 9 trainings that helps you actually finish your website

- You'll save $$$

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She is a person who CARES for others, who is a CHEERLEADER and believes in you

If you are feeling anxious or unsure about how to complete or tackle a large project like a website, then Bekah’s your girl. She has saved me hours of research with her videos that are chocked full of how-tos on designing a website... She is a person who cares for others, who is a cheerleader and believes in you and your business. Bekah truly is sharing her skills and uplifting others by empowering them with the tools they need to be successful.

- MORGAN CULMORE (Project Organizer)

Squarespace With Confidence is for the NEW ENTREPRENEUR.

i've dug up all the freebies on google related to web design & starting a biz too...

I’m Bekah, your resident expert on Squarespace, natural born people-connector, adventure-seeking mompreneur 

It’s simple really; I am passionate about helping new entrepreneurs.

I remember the daily weight of trying to market myself on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It was exhausting. Once I learned how to create a website that *actually* converts, I started getting clients through GOOGLE. 

With my proven strategies and a tested process, your website can go from a seedling idea to a fully-functional, working-for-you website in 30 days or less.

No more procrastinating with unlimited research, hustling, and Pinterest-saving. That’s a trap that may seem worthwhile, but honestly? It can be endless.

I’m here to help you actually start moving in designing your site. Let’s go. 

Squarespace With Confidence is for the NEW ENTREPRENEUR.

This program is
for you if…

You’re a small business owner feeling stuck in designing your site

You feel like your website isn't reaching your ideal clients

Your inbox is empty and you want SEO to be how you get clients, not marketing on social media

You want your website to ACTUALLY showcase your work/ brand appropriately

This program is
for you if…

You want ongoing accountability for your website

You want to do a deep dive into the world of SEO (I have a different course for that)

You're not ready to put in the TIME to design the website

Your website is on a different platform (this is Squarespace specific)

By now I’ve given you a lot of information but…

Do you have questions? Thought so. Let me answer those for you.

Frequently asked questions

How to know if the course is right for you...

How do I know this course will work for me?

‘Squarespace With Confidence’ is an 9-module program that’s based on tested, proven methods I have used with over 60 clients. You’re not only getting access to the tools that I have used, you’re getting my own unique process to creating a website that actually converts (aka gets your client to buy or contact you). 

Is the course on Squarespace 7.0 or 7.1?

I will be teaching on how to design on 7.1. I think 7.1 is the better option at this time. Here's a little info on the difference. This is why I suggest 7.1 over 7.0.

Does the purchase of the course come with lifetime access?

You bet! You've got lifetime access and you get access to any updates. The course is housed on ThriveCart.

Is your website on Squarespace or Showit?

My personal website is on Showit. I am 50/50 with which I refer to clients! It totally depends on their industry and ideal client. That being said, I believe you can create a “Showit site” on Squarespace and vice-versa. Don't believe me? Watch this tutorial of me doing it with my website in 35 minutes.

If you are interested in seeing some of my custom Squarespace websites, here are a few examples (I've designed about 40 so I will spare you and not attach them all).


What if I don’t like it? Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the course and the fact that you get access to all the modules, there isn't a refund policy.

Is this for ecommerce websites? 

This course is catered more towards service-based businesses, however there is a BONUS MODULE about adding a shop! I will show you how to add a custom shop page to Squarespace and how to add products to your store.

We will touch briefly on the back end of shipping, payment options, etc. 

Why Squarespace?

1. The Squarespace team is constantly updating the platform to comply with new web design standards (like ACCESSIBILITY, responsiveness, & performance) - the grids help us meet with these standards
2. Great framework & easy to update
3. It's easy to do drop-down/ accordion blocks like this (way harder on other platforms)

If you're sick & tired of the marketing hustle & ready for people to find you ORGANICALLY, it's time to join Squarespace With Confidence and get:

developing a website & implementing seo is a long-term game strategy for your business, but it is now the #1 way I get clients & it is definitely the easiest way to market!

Instant access to my EXACT STRATEGY to building a website that gets you ideal clients in 9 easy-to-follow modules (value: $2,500)

The brand discovery module which helps you define your ideal audience and brand so you can create a website that gets you leads (value: $1,000)

Full access to any updates in the future

My exact client questionnaire PDF that helps me figure out the core heart of my client's brand and then convey that on their website (value: $100)

It’s TIME. See you inside.


for 6 months

You get immediate access to:

- The trainings

- Bite-sized payment plan

Yes! Join paid in full

One-time payment

You get immediate access to:

- This amazing course with 9 trainings that helps you actually finish your website

- You'll save $$$

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