Ready to show up on page 1 of google, friend?

Let's make organic SEO do the hard work for you!

Squarespace SEO Course

READY TO Show up on page 1 of google, FRIEND?

let's make organic seo do the hard work for you!

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This course is organized into six modules which contain easy step-by-step instructions on how and where to implement SEO into your Squarespace site!

Our goal: make organic SEO do the hard work for you

What makes my SEO course different than others? I will lead you step-by-step, and give you actionable tips so you actually make time and implement it on your website!

If you are a visual learner, as am I, this will be a great resource for you as I will show you how it is done on the backend of a Squarespace site. 

This is a process that many find daunting due to the time and information required to gather to do it correctly. I will lay it all out for you and if you can set aside a total of 2 hours you will have the SEO COMPLETED ON YOUR SITE! You too will be able to achieve the same end-result that I have on my site and my clients' sites - popping up on Google!

- Search "pasadena universalist church" a site I designed is the FIRST to pop up! 

- Type in "honduras nonprofit orphanage", and the organization R.O.O.M (to whom I donate 10% of my proceeds and helped develop their site) pops up.

- Search "jackson wy wedding photographer" and you'll see my client Jamye Chrisman Photography's Showit Website I customized!

"You answered my prayers!! THANK YOU!!! This was awesome Bekah!! This total took me 2 hours. I really enjoy being able to stop and apply it and then get back to the video. I have felt like SEO was so daunting, but this seriously helped me quickly do some actionable steps that I would have never been able to figure out on my own!  Also, keywords scare me! I love that you provided to sites for us to utilize to determine good keywords! Also the step by step process of what to click on in Squarespace was awesome."

-  Amy Yeoman (Fuel to Thrive, Dietitian)

"Bekah’s SEO course for Squarespace users completely changed the way I approach SEO for my site! She not only gives you the information to have a visible site, but she also walks you through actionable steps to help your target audience find you. I would totally recommend this course and her other services to anyone hoping to elevate their site!"

- Kelsey Holle (Bozeman Craft Beer Week, Marketing)

"After implementing these techniques, I was able to get on page 1 of Google for my keywords in a matter of 1 month!"

- McKenna (Time Enough, Death Doula)

Let nala and me help you navigate this SEO journey!

I may be able to add your name to emails or chat it up with you in DMs, but I don't REALLY know you.

And honestly? It is kind of weird for me. My business started with one-on-one connections and as much as I would LOVE to know you personally, our Instagram friendship and emails are behind a screen.

But I can only take on a few clients at a time. So if I truly want your creative business to have effective SEO implemented on your website, this is the only way.

No, I don't know you or your current biz struggles, but I do know a lot of people who may just be like you. I've spent so many hours creating YouTube videos, Instagram stories, blog posts, and personal time with them teaching them these SEO strategies. So can I take a guess? Because if you feel any of these things, the Squarespace SEO Course is perfect for you.

You want to share your posts and ideas with the World, but the World has no way of finding you.
You are overwhelmed with the HOURS of marketing you put in per week on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest, that is relevant for all of .2 seconds and then disappears.

You're tired of DIYing the SEO and getting nowhere.

You feel icky using sales tactics and would rather have a back-end strategy of SEO doing that hard work.

Did I get any of that right?

If so, I hope to see you in there!

Let's be real.

This is so much more than just good SEO, finding your ideal client through good SEO can change your business trajectory and thus your LIFE.

To invest in your business takes courage.⁠

I've had fear. I've held my cursor over the pay now button longer than I'd like to admit wondering if this investment will be the one to move the needle in my business.⁠

So here are a few more clues that this course is for you and it is time you put skin in the game to not just change your ranking on Google, but find your IDEAL clients.⁠

Are you an entrepreneur ready to up-level your website and find your people?

。+゚  30 minute consultation with me if you finish the course about how to improve your SEO and website!

。+゚  Month long weekly emails with extra steps & assistance

。+゚  6 modules with step-by-step instructions on how to configure Squarespace SEO settings

。+゚  Hacks for keyword research and how to implement effectively

。+゚  How to configure Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and SSL

。+゚  Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

。+゚  Photo SEO

。+゚  Blogging SEO Tips

Squarespace designers who need a little help or step-by-step instructions that guide them through how to deliver good SEO services to their clients.

Anyone who is DIYing their own Squarespace website.

Anyone who already has a Squarespace site and wants to go back through and optimize it.

What's a part of this course?

Who is this course for?

An EXCELLENT question! On average, this course takes between 2-5 hours TOTAL! If you put your nose to the grindstone, you can crank out the work and come away with effective SEO that helps your target audience find YOU!

The course is $97. Ask yourself, is it worth it? Is it worth it to invest a few hours of your time and less than $100 to make organic SEO do the hard work for you? 

How much time & money will I need to invest?


In this SEO course, you’ll go from feeling CONFUSED and OVERWHELMED on how to implement SEO into your Squarespace website, to feeling CONFIDENT with a toolbelt full of tools you need to get your website showing on search engines! Let’s quit the marketing hassle, and make organic SEO do the hard work for you! You in?

The amount of people I have had come to me and say SEO is a foreign language to them is numerous. That's why I began this course.


Are you ready to choose courage in creating a life you love? 

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