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Hello my sweet friend! I am truly so happy you landed on my little space of the web and I can’t wait to chat (really wish we could grab a latte in person though)!

I am so excited to talk with you about a full website rebrand or website-in-a-day. They are both awesome services and have served my clients so well with converting their website visitors to clients!

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For all website inquiries please select a time to meet and fill out this form.  Please mark on the form which service you are interested in and I will be dropping a reply in your inbox within 48 business hours.

For everything else, you can just slide into my inbox (in a non-creepy way) at bekah@rebekahreadcreative.com.

It takes courage to reach out! I am so grateful you did so!

What makes me different?

Content strategy - this is more than just figuring out what pages you want on your Squarespace or Showit website and creating a site map. We will sit down over coffee (virtually or in person) and really get in depth and figure out your vision. I wanna know your goals and I will ask the strategic questions that help you figure out 

The design
- aka the main reason you hire a designer. I have been designing sites since 2011 and it really was love at first sight. 

- I always was a big English class fan, but never has a desire to be the next New York Times Bestseller. What does this look like? Deep dive into website copy better, more strategic, better conversions, guide user experience. So what do you have to do? You fill out the template website content guide bite size prompts and I take those and turn it into finished copy. 

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with their Showit or Squarespace website with intentional website strategy so they can book more clients and make more money doing what they love!

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