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Whether your site is on Squarespace, WordPress, or Showit, this SEO Checklist will bring you through the EXACT steps I use for my clients' sites to get them on page 1 of Google.

Seo Checklist

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What's included in this guide?

The necessary steps to take on your website to improve your search engine optimization (or SEO)


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I have a Squarespace SEO course that will walk you through EXACTLY how to implement each of these steps and more on your website! 

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"After implementing these techniques, I was able to get on page 1 of Google for my keywords in a matter of 1 month!"

- McKenna (Time Enough, Death Doula)

"You answered my prayers!! THANK YOU!!! This was awesome Bekah!! This total took me 2 hours. I really enjoy being able to stop and apply it and then get back to the video. I have felt like SEO was so daunting, but this seriously helped me quickly do some actionable steps that I would have never been able to figure out on my own! Also, keywords scare me! I love that you provided to sites for us to utilize to determine good keywords! Also the step by step process of what to click on in Squarespace was awesome."

- Amy Yeoman (Fuel to Thrive, Dietitian)

"Bekah’s SEO course for Squarespace users completely changed the way I approach SEO for my site! She not only gives you the information to have a visible site, but she also walks you through actionable steps to help your target audience find you. I would totally recommend this course and her other services to anyone hoping to elevate their site!"

- Kelsey Holle (Bozeman Craft Beer Week, Marketing)

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