I'm Bekah Read, and I help you diy a website in a week without overwhelm

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I help new entrepreneurs get a website into the world in just 7 days.

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I Invite You to Join Entrepreneurs Who Are Wanting a Website That Converts

So how do I help people do this?

Color palette, typography, & inspo

Brand Your Site


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In just 1 day, we’re going to figure out your branding elements using my Moodboard Challenge strategy and Canva moodboard templates.

Life happens and as your designer guide, it’s my job to make sure you have the templates and easy-to-follow tutorials so you can complete your website in 1 week.

I'll guide you through keyword research, adding the SEO phrases to your website, and web design best practices.  A website that isn’t found is doing you no good.

"This course is reasonably priced and jam packed with information on how you can DIY your own site...OR if you already have a site, how to make updates... I already had a website, but I wanted to change it up on my own and was able to by taking this course... This is great for the beginner who doesn't have thousands to spend on a designer... Squarespace is such an easy platform to use..."

- NANCY BISCHOFF (Educator to Squarespace Designer)

"Bekah helped me with my Squarespace website IMMENSELY. She offered specific, practical advice that I was able to immediately implement on my site and had videos when I didn't understand. I couldn't afford a web designer and Bekah came alongside me to help me navigate Squarespace and design a site in which I am proud."


I  created my business for three reasons:
1. Freedom to travel, 2. Purpose, 3. To stay home with my kids

My goal and deepest desire is to be your biggest cheerleader.

I've designed over 70 websites, 40 of which have been Website In A Day

I met my Husband on our Cross Country team in college. I now run marathons to stay sane.

My Achilles heels: Costco grapes (if you’ve had them, I’m sure you can relate), Culver’s Custard malt with m&ms (Midwest is Best), My mom’s ginger martini.

Hi I'm Bekah!

I've designed 40 websites in a day. this has allowed me to hone in the process of diy'ing a website fast.

My sweet friend, WELCOME! 

I am a mom of two, runner, and orphan-advocate. I have a super minor addiction to cookie dough ice cream, coffee with a spoonful of milk, and snow-capped mountains. 

I currently reside in Washington state, but am a Midwesterner at heart.

About me

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