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I started off in website design and 2020 has brought to my attention my passion for serving other creative entrepreneurs with free resources (I mean just look at all the freebies I have made, it’s a bit ridiculous- rebekahreadcreative.com/freebies) and being their biggest cheerleader.

I made it a goal to be on one podcast. I pitched myself and from there they just kept coming! I am so excited to share my story with you and hopefully encourage you along the way. You’ve got this sweet friend!

LESSONS LEARNED! I got to be the host on this podcast and put Alyson (the usual host) in the hot seat!

Alyson shared her secrets to managing stress/anxiety and making the most of 2020.

This episode features all of Alyson’s secrets to survival in 2020: • We chat techniques and best practices for managing stress and anxiety during uncertainty. • We chat life lessons from 2020. • We wrap up with takeaways from Alyson’s most important 2020 life lessons.

Listen to a love story… and maybe not the love story you would expect…

On this podcast (The Creative Imposter) I share my journey from foster mom of a 11 day old baby in Honduras to entrepreneur and how I am able to continue to fulfill my passion for foster care at this stage in my life.

Show Links:

On Apple: http://bit.ly/cipodcast

On Google: http://bit.ly/cipodgoogle

On Spotify: http://bit.ly/cispotify

Want to know how a mastermind can change your LIFE?! The Legal Paige podcast was my first (short) podcast. It was me and a few other guests from my Mastermind. I explained the impact the mastermind had on my business (spoiler: it was a GAME CHANGER).

The beauty of this online mastermind was the investment being a low enough price-point I could afford. Paige helped me hone in all the things I did and discover which passion I wanted to make into a business. I refined my offerings and my audience began ACTUALLY seeing me as an expert in Squarespace and Showit website designs.

(P.S. If you want to grab one of her contracts or privacy policies, you can use code BEKAH for 10% OFF!)

The Makers Forum Podcast was my first podcast interview to ever air and it got me HOOKED! Chatting with Kellie was so much fun and although I was super nervous she made it such a calm experience. In her episode I invite you inside my business process and talk about what it means to be a creative in the entrepreneurial world. We get really real and I love it!

That Green Dress is a podcast by a fellow Spokane resident who I was fortunate enough to meet in person AND design her website! My episode with Addy aired October 20, 2020 and we discussed my journey jumping into entrepreneurship!

In this episode, I highlight the importance of recognizing our value, honoring our gifts, and prioritizing wellness and joy in the journey. Join us!

I was actually on the YouTube channel Accounting by Edrina TWICE! The first time we talked all about how to create a website that converts and our second episode was about mastermind groups and how important they can be with 2 of our fellow mastermind sisters!


Lauren Osselton is a fellow Creative with a heart for women entrepreneurs in which I absolutely adore. We chatted all about pivoting your brand and message and how that has been KEY to both of our success.

Vivi Goes Live had me on her IG channel on October 15th. We chatted all about how to intertwine social justice passions into your business!

Froztech is a web design company that specializes in SEO and Software Development. They just launched a new podcast titled CEO Society Podcast!

In this episode I share how my 9-5 corporate just wasn’t doing it for me and how I desired the freedom to travel so I left and started RRC!


I shared my missionary story on Lane of Roses! This article will be coming out in March of 2021. Stay tuned!

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