How To Create Your First Workflow in Flodesk

Let’s talk my FAVORITE email marketing platform – FLODESK! Want 50% off your first year of Flodesk? USE THIS CODE! *

In this video I will walk you step-by-step on how to set up your first workflow correctly so that your subscribers get added to the workflow and receive your awesome freebie!

Collecting emails on your website (via a freebie) is a great way to build your list so you can sell to them later!

Step 1 – Create an audience in Flodesk

Title the audience segment whatever your freebie is to make it easy.

Step 2 – Set up a form

This is the form you will put on your website OR you will give them the link to this particular form. If you have a website, create an inline form and then get that code and put it in your website code block.

If you have a website, redirect them to a URL on your website thank you page if you create a form (not inline).

Step 3 – Create a workflow (deliver the freebie)

This is the journey you take your leads on. You will deliver the freebie (trigger immediately) and then maybe a few days later remind them about the freebie + provide more valuable information and then maybe a few days later give them an intro to you and then maybe a few days later sell them your service or product.

Step 4 – Promote the freebie

Post it to your social media channels (Facebook page/ group, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.)

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* Affiliate disclaimer – You don’t pay more, but I may receive commission if you purchase through that link. Please note, I truly love this platform and would suggest it either way!

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