The best email service provider for entrepreneurs

So I’ve been researching the best email service for God knows how long, because I hate Mailchimp (can you relate?!). Some of my favorite #girlbosses use Infusionsoft, but once I saw the price tag it was a HARD NO! And then there is Convertkit, which I kind of feel like everyone and their mother is using, but $29 a month still seemed a bit hefty. So these are my top 3 choices as an fempreneur with a small current list, but one who has a goal of growing it dramatically.

#1 Flodesk – $19/month (with my link for the first year)

Flodesk is new to the email marketing scene (as of writing this in 2019) and is quite possibly the most visually-appealing email platform I’ve ever seen. It’s like when Squarespace came out and you were using WordPress – all the heart eyes and shooting stars came out. Reasons why Flodesk is better than the competitors:

  1. Convertkit takes a lot of extra work to make a beautifully branded email and ain’t nobody got time for that! It is hard enough for me to be consistent, so if it is going to be more work I’m out. Also the more subscribers = the more it costs. Nahhh.
  2. The price point is great – unlimited subscribers for $38 a month AND I have 50% off that making it $19 a month for the first year. Wait, whaaaat?! That gives Flodesk the +1 and Infusionsoft the -1.
  3. The most frustrating thing about Mailchimp for me is organizing my list. From the “tags” to the “audiences” I have had more issues than you could ever imagine (it is super finicky and ​frequently it wasn’t actually just user error, much to my surprise). Honestly, it doesn’t work well and it drives me nuts every time I go in to create an email. The amount of hours I’ve put in to figure out MailChimp is so not worth my time. Oh and customer support for MailChimp? Poor. Flodesk on the other-hand is topnotch!

#2 ActiveCampaign – $9/month

If you are looking for something a bit cheaper – this is a GREAT option. It’s just $9 a month for the “Lite” version, and it can grow with your business. It has all the features you would imagine in an email platform as well as good support, and you really can’t beat that price! If you need more upgrades later on, they offer more advanced plans.

#3 MailerLite – Free

If you are brand new and all of this is causing your eyes to roll and heart to palpitate, just get started with MailerLite. Don’t waste your time with MailChimp – PLEASE! The free plan (yes, I said FREE) works great and has everything you need to get started with email marketing. They even have automations.

Did this help you?! I am so so glad! Let me know with which platform you decide! Any of these are great options!

#4 Squarespace Email Marketing – $10/ month (if you want automations)

I only would suggest this platform if you are a current Squarespace user and want to keep everything in Squarespace.

I like that you can customize the emails to fit your branding and they have lots of great templates to make it visually appealing!

There are definitely limitations when it comes to tagging subscribers. Squarespace is trying to become an all-in-one platform and I appreciate that, but a jack of all trades is a master of none. Here is a blog post about how to create a Squarespace automation if you want a little BTS into Squarespace Email Marketing.

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The best email service provider for entrepreneurs

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