4 Ways to Make your Squarespace Site Stand Out

In this video I’m going to teach you four ways to make your Squarespace site stand out!

If you’re new here my name is Bekah and I helped solopreneurs just like you design a Squarespace site of their dreams! If that’s something you’re interested in hit subscribe on my YouTube channel; I post new videos every Wednesday!

1. Add a color block

One way to make your site stand out is color blocks in your brand colors. In order to do this, first go to Canva and create a canvas and fill it with a rectangle and your brand color. Then export it as a JPEG. Then you create a new page under an index page. If you are not able to add an index, you probably have a template that’s not in a family that allows it so I always suggest using the Brine family as it’s the most versatile. Add a blank page under index, edit it with your text, and then to install that color block you click on the gear icon -> go to media -> and then you can add that image of the color block that you have imported. Save it and it will show up behind whatever text you created.

2. Create a pre-footer

The second way to make your site stand out is a pre footer. I usually like to put some call to action in that pre footer and it’ll be the same on every page.

3. Good SEO

Another way to make your site stand out is to have good SEO. A lot of SEO needs to be done after you’ve created the site by creating good content through blogs and having people link back to your site, but there’s a lot that you can do up front that can really help your site stand out. How you do this is you go to your pages and then you can click on whatever page you want to put in any SEO and you click the little gear icon and then SEO. Add a SEO title that has your keywords as well as a SEO description.

4. Add an announcement bar

The last step to make your site stand out is to have an announcement bar. This is the thing at the top of your website that maybe shows a freebie you’re offering or if you’re having a sale you can put what that is, etc. You can access the announcement bar in the design side of your site and it’s just really important it’s a call to action that grabs their attention right away.

Use these tips to make your Squarespace site not look and end up like everyone else’s! If you liked these tips, please let me know in the comments what you will be implementing on your Squarespace site and don’t forget I have a freebie just for you! It’s about how to design your Home, About and your Services page so you can turn those viewers into actual customers.

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4 Ways to Make your Squarespace Site Stand Out

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