12 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

At this point I’ve filled your brain with content full of how to design your perfect website and maintain a solid social media presence, but do you really know anything about the girl behind the blogs? I decided to change that!

winter wedding gown

1. I’ll take -20°over 100° any day – in fact my wedding was held December 30th in Minnesota and it was a HIGH of -17!

2. A moment when I realized how wonderful humanity is was after a man robbed me on a bus in Honduras (I fell asleep, per usual) and the sweetest lady gave me what little money she had so I could get on my next bus.

Missoula marathon

3. I didn’t become a runner until I finally admitted to myself at 18 that I’m not good at soccer and that’s not going to change. Somehow a college coach graciously accepted me on his team. Since then I have ran a 50k and a 3:02 marathon all by training myself!

4. I love making smoothies right when it is time to leave the house.

5. My addiction to Culvers isn’t as bad as it used to be (that could be because Culvers hasn’t made it’s way out West… get on it).

6. My goal in life (currently) is to be a foster mom again. I fostered an 11 day old baby in Honduras for 4.5 months.

7. It takes me approximately 3 minutes to get ready in the morning, unless I curl my hair, then it takes 7.

8. I always said I never wanted to marry a pastor or coach… 5 months after marriage, my husband and I moved to Spokane so my husband could accept the head coaching job at Eastern Washington and I’m so proud of him and love being a part of a team again.

9. I’m the worst cook and my husband is the best at faking that he likes it… but I keep trying 👊🏻 (now accepting easy recipes with 6 ingredients or less).

10. My current TV show is Life Unexpected… pretty sure it has a fan following of 3, but I like it.

11. I’ve ran 1,417 miles so far this year, which is far less than I ran in college and I feel so much better about it. My goal is to do 2019 in 2019!

minnesota winter wedding

12. Soon after meeting Sam I said “God’s going to play a sick joke on me and make me marry this kid.” 7 years later and that came true and I’m so thankful it did ❤

Comment below with some things about you! I’d love to know who is reading this blog!

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