How to do Linktree on Squarespace

You really don’t need a Linktree as your ONE link you get with your Instagram account. I will teach you in this tutorial how to make a link in bio on your Squarespace website. Don’t worry friends, it is SUPER easy!

(And by super easy I mean all you need to do is add some buttons + delete the header and footer on that Instagram links Squarespace website page and voilà! A custom Linktree!)

First of all why use Squarespace instead of

  1. It helps with SEO
  2. You can analyze who is coming from Instagram to your website
  3. It is customizable to your brand
  4. Only 1 platform to manage all your site traffic

Steps to create a custom “Link in bio” on Squarespace:

  1. Design the page by adding buttons with where you want to direct people from your Instagram
  2. Save the new page
  3. On the left hand side click Design >> Custom CSS
  4. Add the custom CSS below under “CODES USED” (you can find your collection number by downloading the “Squarespace Collection/ Block Identifier” plugin to Chrome
  5. Add the new link to your Instagram profile


collection-ID NUMBER {header, footer { display: none !important; }}


#collection-609adac71fa4c03f01413963 {header, footer { display: none !important; }}

Are you trying to make a “link in bio” on WordPress? THIS BLOG is for you!

  1. Dara says:

    hi there, this doesn’t actually hide the top nav and menu on mobile though, which is where most people will be navigating to this page from. any help on that?

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