10 Questions to ask yourself to figure out your calling and next service in your entrepreneur business

I’ve been asked a handful of times why in the world I started an online mastermind when my business is website design, branding and a little bit of social media sprinkled in, and I think it is a valid question!

It’s not at all the trajectory of passive income in which I thought I’d go in 2020 and it isn’t really in line with my website designer biz.

However, as I was working through Hilary Rushford’s Creative Business Accelerator course, I realized that my life’s goals and aspirations were no longer aligning with my current services.

My heart has always been to be the cheerleader of my group of friends. You could count on me for the inspirational pep-talk any time it was needed, and that side of my personality wasn’t getting fulfilled.

Yes, with website design I was supporting my life vision of FREEDOM to travel, be with my husband more, be my own boss, donate more, and take a month off if I want, but it just felt like something was missing.

So here are the steps I took to uncover my newest service: an online Mastermind and some questions you could ask yourself to uncover your next service or product.

1. What topic could I talk about in 10 years?

Well for one, foster care and adoption are near and dear to my heart. I donate 10% of my proceeds to Reach Out Orphanage Ministries, but I also realized I have a HUGE heart for cheering on people.

2. What are some of my strengths?

My friends and family always say I am hard working, an extrovert, love speaking, and am outgoing. What about you?

“We want to keep an open hand to letting life unfold. We want to let God guide us and be humble and resilient rather than tightly in control. And yet we also want to keep our gaze on our north star, knowing who we’re meant to be and what joy looks and feels like to us. From that place, we can’t start the wrong business or create the wrong product, we can merely evolve and keep learning.”

Hilary Rushford

3. What are some of my favorite books, movies, Instagram accounts, dream homes, causes that I feel a strong connection to?

You Are The Girl For The Job, Pitch Perfect, Gilmore Girls, modern farmhouse on a lake, and foster care. Shockingly they all have something in common… fighting for that in which you believe, fun, joyful, family, and intimacy.

So how did that lead me to think that a Mastermind would be a good fit? I wanted a service where I felt more connection and intimacy and fought for those girls and their new businesses.

4. What am I good at that not everyone is?

Extroverting, forming friendships quickly, switching gears, and creating things fast. Hmmmm. I realized this is NOT an attribute of many entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs get caught up in all their ideas or the details and don’t just move forward. So I was excited to offer something that pushed people off the cliff a bit and made them go for their dream job.

5. What bothers me when other people don’t do it because I do it so naturally?

Social media and getting things out there! Are you beginning to see how this all formed?!

6. 5 things people would call you for advice on 

  1. Technology things 
  2. Website 
  3. SEO
  4. Instagram
  5. New beginner entrepreneur things

7. What service or product could you create as a stepping stone into a higher level offer?

  • Mastermind for people who want to create an online business
  • Loyalty program
  • 1:1 coaching 
  • Squarespace SEO course
  • Marketing planner
  • Become a speaker (but need to build street cred)
  • Create curriculum about designing website
  • Website workshop
  • Become Showit Design partner

8. Ask yourself if you are uniquely qualified to teach this, does it serve a need in the market and are you passionate about it.

I am qualified to have a referral program, the mastermind for female entrepreneurs DEFINITELY serves a need!

9. Which idea will make you the most money the fastest?

Probably the Loyalty referral program, but I am not as passionate about it as the Mastermind.

10. Create a pro/ Con list with your top 2 ideas and then JUST CHOOSE!

What mental roadblock is standing in your way of starting that new business or launching that next service? If you want to get on the waitlist for the next mastermind, sign up HERE!

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