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For new business owners + entrepreneurs looking for their next big thing.

Feeling overwhelmed with your new business dream?

Don't give it up!

With a good community and some confidence your dream can become your successful business.

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I’ll be the first to admit it. The entrepreneur journey is rough.

Friend, I know. But more importantly? I remember.
     ⁍  I remember the fear that would freeze me in place.
     ⁍  I remember the thrill of “What if it works?”
     ⁍  I remember the tears.
     ⁍  I remember the stress.
     ⁍  I remember the desire.
     ⁍  I remember it all. 

It wasn’t that long ago that I was there too. I was launching my own creative business, highly motivated to be my own boss. What. A. Rollercoaster. 


But now I can tell you with confidence: it is possible! After fewer than two years as my own boss, I found myself much happier in my work AND I was outearning the corporate salary that I left behind. 

Hey big dreamer!

Joining a mastermind CHANGED my life, now I want to give you the tools to change yours.


8 Week Virtual Deep Dive with Rebekah Read Creative


An action-oriented mentorship circle that gives you actionable steps to help you uncover what’s next in your business and set a plan in motion so you can increase your influence and sales!  Led by someone who walked the very same road just 3.5 years ago.  I pour into YOU and helping you uncover what will make the biggest impact on your life.

“Bekah’s mastermind was one of the best investments I made early on in my entrepreneurial journey. At that point I was furloughed and wasn’t really sure where I wanted to take my business, but just that I wanted to be taking action to move away from my corporate position. I loved that every week covered something new and that I was able to learn a little bit about everything from how to use social media for business to what I needed to do to be legally legit but, honestly, the best part was the community aspect. I know that I will always have the girls I went through the program with in my corner and anytime I need to bounce an idea off someone, they are always happy to help. Bekah is a great teacher and months later is still always happy to answer questions and offer advice when I find myself feeling a bit stuck. If you are an early stage entrepreneur that feels like they have no idea where to start, do yourself a favor and invest the money. The mastermind is 100% the reason I have the confidence that I can figure it out anytime things feel hard!”

Alyson Pallanck, "but, what if you did" podcast

What if Everything you Need to be Successful was all in One Spot?

Business Startup - Sifting Through it All

There is so much passion behind every new biz. But there’s also a steep learning curve. The internet is a gold mine of information, but it can be overwhelming to sift through.

Do you:

     ⁍  Hustle ‘til you drop.
     ⁍  Dig up all the freebies on the world wide web.
     ⁍  Spend your evenings and weekends watching YouTube tutorial after YouTube tutorial.

I used to as well, but that sounds like a great way to burn out to me. 

Please don’t try to do this alone.

I am here and want to help. Let my mistakes (I like to think of them as lessons learned) be what you use to speed up your success. 

Through my own trial and error, I’ve discovered a lot of what works and what to ditch when starting down the entrepreneur journey.

It took a lot of hustle for me to figure this out (the hard way). But it will all be worth it if you let me use what I’ve learned to help you.

This is for the new entrepreneur

starting out or less than a year into their business

who is frustrated, nervous, confused, or overwhelmed with the process of starting their own small business.

Apply for the mastermind

⁍ You probably have an email list of zero to a few hundred

⁍ At most, you have a thousand followers on IG

⁍ You may have not made any income yet or are not over $50,000 (yet)

⁍ You know you'll sell more if you "niche", but you can't figure out your niche (and also how the heck do you say that word?!

Does this ring a bell?

Are you scared to take action?

Do you want to be an entrepreneur but don't have an idea yet?

RRC online Mastermind for New Entrepreneurs

It’s simple really; I am passionate about helping new entrepreneurs. I remember the daily weight of where to go next, and I want to help you sift through that. That way, you can get to doing what you love faster. 

With my proven strategies and a tested process, your business can go from a seedling idea to thriving in a matter of months. 

No more procrastinating with unlimited research, hustling, and actionless dreaming. That’s a trap that may seem worthwhile, but honestly? It can be endless. I’m here to help you actually start moving. Let’s go. 

Clarity in Your Next Steps

There are so many facets to starting and running a business. With a to-do list miles long, it can be hard to focus on just one next step. 

I get it. Remember? I’ve done it. Right now, you’re probably trying to do alllllll the things at once. And you’re probably not making much progress that way. It’s ok! We’ll break this down one baby step at a time until before you know it you’ve taken your first true step forward!

I promise to put my decade of marketing and entrepreneur experience to use. I’ll let you in on all my secrets. And together, we’ll bring your dream to life.

Great. So what is the transformation?

Topics Covered

Week 1 : Brand Discovery - Together we’ll work to discover the heart behind your brand & create a mood board with your color palette + typography. Together we will develop your Brand Identity.

Week 2 :  Marketing - Instagram is kinda my thing, but it doesn't have to be yours. We will figure out the best marketing strategy for YOU.

Week 3 : What Can You Add? - What do you currently offer, and how could you expand to serve your clients?

Week 4 : COPYWRITING GUEST EXPERT - This week will be all about storytelling! Is your message consistent and cohesive with your brand?  

Week 5 :
  Time Management - There’s a lot to this biz thing. I’ll give you all my secrets on juggling it all. Then we’ll apply that to you. 

Week 6 :  Starting a Website/SEO - Implement intentional strategy to make your space on the internet do the heavy lifting.

Week 7 :  Systems & Getting Legal - Uff-da. This can be overwhelming. Let’s break down the nitty-gritty of what you need to cover all your bases. 

Week 8 :  Next Quarter + Implementation - You’ve got the tools. Now let’s work out a plan to make sure you stay on track as you get ready to head off “on your own!” (But remember, you’re never really “on your own.”)

What they have to say:

"Bekah gave me the confidence to GO FOR IT! Not only did she frame up my website to be exactly what I was thinking, she listened to what I was going for as a new entrepreneur. She offered specific, practical advice that I was able to immediately implement, thus giving me the confidence to do the next scary thing. I am so excited to continue working with and learning from Bekah in the future!"

Cam Taffelmeyer, Copywriter 

"Working with Bekah offers you not only her years-long expertise and schooling with marketing, branding, and technical work, but belief in your ideas and a drive to serve that you won’t find anywhere else. She understands the persistence, loyalty, and FUN it takes to run a small business. She also contributes proceeds to nonprofits and causes she cares about. I look up to Bekah so much and recommend her to any woman I know looking to build a website or a brand."

- Meagan Roppo, Certified Yoga Teacher

"Rebekah knows her stuff! As a start-up entrepreneur myself, I’ve literally bookmarked her content to refer too! I have taken away so many valuable tips and tricks since following her and have seen REAL results!! She is always there to answer any of my questions and really takes the time to ensure I’m not left confused- which has meant SO much to me starting my business from scratch!"

- Sarah Paige Bozardt, Graphic Designer + Social Media Manager

"If you are feeling anxious about a new role, unsure about how to complete or tackle a large project or need some professional inspiration then Bekah’s your girl. She has saved me hours of research with her YouTube channel that is chocked full of how-tos. Oh and did I mention, all of that content is FREE! Who does that?! I’ll tell you, a person who cares for others, who is a cheerleader and believes in you and your business. Bekah truly is sharing her skills and uplifting others by empowering them with the tools they need to be successful."

- Morgan Gerdes, Iowa City Parks & Rec. Digital Communications Specialist

"The word that comes to mind when I think about Bekah is Genuine. She serves with her heart and that makes her incredibly unique in the online business space. Bekah instilled confidence in me when I was a brand new business owner, and she encouraged me to raise my rates as I gained experience. She also shares content that is actually helpful and actionable. She knows her stuff and isn’t teaching fluff. I’m so grateful for your guidance, Bekah!"

- Taylor Moser, Virtual Assistant specializing in sales funnel strategy

"Bekah stays in the know about marketing/website/social media trends so that you don't have to. She has helped me focus on my business itself by boiling down the need-to-knows into digestible nuggets. She is kind, service-minded, and she knows her stuff!"

- Bridget McGahen, Online Running Coach/ Personal Trainer & Owner of Run Dark Horse

Move Forward with Confidence

Build Your Network, Build Your Community

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. But it wasn’t meant to be. I want to be your cheerleader and mentor. But more importantly, I want to connect you with a network that will become your community.

This course will offer weekly virtual meetings and connect you with other boss babes currently going through this process. You’ll have multiple platforms where you’ll connect and communicate with your peers and myself. 

With community you get accountability. With accountability you get courage. And with courage you take action. We’ll make that happen together. It’s time for your dream to become a reality.

Let’s be real. When you’re just starting something new (like a business!), it’s hard to feel confident putting that in front of others. But friend, you have value and so do your ideas. 

Take a deep breath and repeat after me. “I. Can. Do. This.” Yes, it is big. Yes, it can be scary. Yes, it will be SUPER worth it. 

Throughout this mastermind, you will be building confidence naturally as you begin to see your vision take shape. Step-by-step and hand-in-hand we will tackle the to-do list of your biz.

Other Mastermind members and I will check in with you regularly to keep you on track and motivated. By the end of this Mastermind, you’ll have: 

    -  Your business launched 
    -  A network of cheerleaders supporting you 
    -  A plan for your next months
    -  Long-term strategies in place to maintain momentum and success
    -  The confidence to keep at it 

Ok friend, can we talk for a sec?

(Grab your wine, because we're about to get real)

as an entrepreneur, you could:

This kind of growth? Yeah, it's meant for you.

We will ONLY be accepting 15 female entrepreneurs TOTAL in this 8 week Mastermind. I want it to be a tight-knit community where we make things HAPPEN!

This course will take you step-by-step through what took me over 2 years and $3,000 worth of courses, masterminds, etc. to learn. 

We are talking how to develop your brand (I payed $950 JUST for this), figure out your ideal client, market yourself so you ACTUALLY get clients, adding new streams of revenue, and more.

this sounds like it may be a perfect fit!

so let's talk about the investment, shall we?

best value

pay in full


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and save $120

Now is the time... you are worth it!

Well friend, are you ready? I hope you know by now that I believe in you. I want you to feel all the joy and success of a thriving new biz. Are you ready to commit to making your dream a reality? 


Apply for the mastermind