How to get a Squarespace promo code

* UPDATED 6/1/23 *

Are you looking to design a Squarespace website in 2023? Here are the 5 ways you can potentially get a Squarespace coupon code!

1. Work with a Squarespace Circle Member

Heyoooo! THAT ME! Not trying to toot my own horn, just trying to get you some help. If you work with a Squarespace Circle Member (aka a Squarespace website designer who knows what they are doing) you will get 20% off your annual plan.

No need to type in the Squarespace promo code since it is automatically applied.

2. Find a Squarespace partner

There are many Squarespace partners out there and with their code you can get 10% off the annual Squarespace subscription. Feel free to use my code! I get a little kickback and you get 10% off — WIN WIN!

Save 10%  off your first subscription of a website using the code RRC10

3. Be a nonprofit

I have personally reached out to Squarespace support for a nonprofit I helped in Honduras and they gave me a coupon code, so you can always try that route if you apply.

4. Be a student and get 50% off… SAY WHATTTT

I love that Squarespace is doing this! You can get 50% off an annual Squarespace website plan when you sign up with your school email address. This also works for faculty!

Again, this is JUST for the first full year. Learn more about if your school will work for the code here: If you don’t see your school, you can complete the form to hopefully get it accepted!

5. Learn from an authorized Squarespace trainer

If you decide to go this route, you could get 20% off. They are like Squarespace Circle members but have even more credentials. This is a great way to go if you want to DIY your website.

Here is a list of Squarespace Experts.

Want to start your Squarespace website but first need to work on your brand?

brand strategy video training

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