How to Create Your Own Social Links page (LinkTree) For WordPress Without Any Extra Plugins

Are you interested in having your very own social links page for your Instagram?

Creating a customized is very important for maintaining your brand. Here is step-by-steps of how to create your own links page in WordPress for free without any extra plugins .

Step 1 – Decide on your URL (mine is

You will need this name as your title of your new page and then you add the links that you talk about throughout your Instagram on it.

Step 2 – Add a new page

Go to pages -> Add New

Step 3 – Edit the page

If you have the classic version of WordPress, what you do is you just simply type in what you want the title of your link to be (ie. freebies) and then you would center it and then you just simply insert a link. If your WordPress site is up to date you will have the new Guttenberg builder so what you do from there is go to add new under the pages and then you’re going to do kind of the same thing. You’ll add the title so links or whatever you want it to be, and then you can tick this little plus button and type in button and if you have your button all set up it will automatically do it to whatever your design is, but if you don’t you can just add your text and below that you put in the URL. Then center the button because that will look better when you have it smaller which is obviously how it would be pulled up on mobile. Then hover over your button and duplicate that and do the same thing for whatever you want your next link to be.

Step 4 – Add a photo

I suggest adding a photo at the bottom to wrap the page up. To do this you add another block and you can add an image and then maybe at the end you want to have a little bit of text that just says thanks for visiting and a call to action.

I would love it if you put your Instagram handle in the comment section so I can check out how you designed your Instagram links page!

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