How To Add Spaces To Your Instagram Captions

IT’S WINE WEDNESDAYYYYY… I mean new YouTube video Wednesday..⁠.

This little instagram hack leaves people frustrated and confused when they can’t figure it out, but I’ve got you my friend!

First of all, why is this so important? Well, without those little spaces your caption drags on and on and on. I find a lot of value in long, engaging captions but if the sentence length is too long or it isn’t broken up, you better believe I have tuned out. 

There are multiple ways to do this. You could write the caption in a note on your phone or use an app like Plain or Later. I love Later since I can type everything out on my desktop. 

Go on to the Later desktop app, start your caption and when you have completed the sentence simply put a period and then do return return. This will ensure you have a line break in between the paragraphs. 

What if you’ve already published it to Instagram? Simply go in to the app and do the same things. Certain symbols like parentheses or emojis may mess this up, so just keep that in mind. 

I hope this helped you solve the ever frustrating issue of your paragraphs blurring together. If you need help writing better captions head on over to my website and I have an awesome content calendar packed full of ideas of what you can post, what photo can go along with it, and story ideas that correspond with that post and can make those 80% of story followers who DON’T look at your captions, head on over to your feed. I will add the link below. And don’t forget to subscribe so you can know when I post videos every Wednesday.

Enjoy this video all about the frequently asked question – “HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU ADD SPACES TO YOUR INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS?!” I’ve got you friend 👊

In this video I’m going to show you how to create spaces in your Instagram captions so it’s not just one long annoying paragraph — You are gonna be shocked at how easy this is!

When you are creating your caption, all you need to do is instead of doing a space after the period and then going “enter”, you need to have no space, and then click enter. Also, do this outside of the app. I suggest doing it in a note on your phone or I love using the Later app.

Simply create your post and then when you are writing the text immediately click “enter” after your period to go to the next paragraph!

I hope that made sense; if you have any other questions about Instagram or strategies that are best for 2020 or website questions, please leave them in the comments below. I would love to create a video for you and I look forward to connecting! Meet me over on Instagram!


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