How to Track your Google Analytics

Are you ready to start tracking your google analytics on your Squarespace or Showit site but have no idea where to start?

You’re not going to want to miss this training!

In 3 years I 20x my traffic by blogging about 37 times a year!

I break down the important metrics to track so you can easily make sense of it all and start CONVERTING!

Mentioned in video:

How To Create A Linktree ON WORDPRESS



Is this still applicable in 2023? YES! I still do the same tactics… and I still have a bounce rate that is embarrassingly high… so what steps am I taking to fix this?

  1. Adding a Call To Action/ freebie at the bottom of every blog
  2. Adding a sidebar on the blog with helpful Categories where they can find blogs about that topic (like Showit or Squarespace)
  3. Linking related blog posts in each blog post I write
  4. Trying to make my session duration higher by refining my copy so they keep reading

What’s encouraging from when I recorded this…

  1. My users went from 115 a month to over 3,000 a month (blogging has A LOT to do with this)
  2. Monday is still super popular for me so I will continue sending out emails on that day!
  3. There are a lot of page views for my website in a day service I started in 2020! It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision to create when the Pandemic hit and has brought in more than 20k in revenue to my business!
  4. My organic search has SKYROCKETED! Just goes to show you that blogging and then sharing it properly is worth it!


Here’s how I track my Google numbers in 2023!

What I found interesting

  1. THIS BLOG IS SO POPULAR! It kind of drives me crazy because I don’t work with Shopify (other than Shopify Lite with Showit), but it just goes to show you people are as frustrated as I was with figuring this out!
  2. I still have primarily a LOT of new visitors coming to my site which I love!
  3. Instagram used to be my highest almost always, but Facebook has (shockingly) surpassed it. Considering I invest almost no time in Facebook, I have no idea why this is the case. YouTube is my second highest and Instagram is my 3rd. So what does this tell me? I need to be investing a heck of a lot more time in my YouTube videos and Facebook group Showit & Squarespace for Creatives!
  4. When it comes to referral, my best source is Paige Brunton’s blog where she featured me! This shows I should spend more time pitching myself to bloggers that have good SEO.


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