How To Create a Scrolling Website Animation In Photoshop in 3 minutes! (Video tutorial included)

So I did a thing… I launched a YouTube Channel! I was just thinking to myself, “What is one more thing that  I can add to my plate?”, and the answer came to me in the form of YouTube. But I KNOW this will be so worth it for you all and help you so much with your websites and social media. So get ready to ride this crazy roller coaster with me!

Since my passion is web design, I decided to make my first tutorial all about creating an amazing scrolling website animation in Photoshop in just 3 minutes! Once you have created this graphic/ video, you can push it out to your Instagram and Facebook pages and your followers will be swooning over your amazing new website. It was also the perfect follow up to last week’s blog all about how to launch your website with a BANG!

I hope you enjoy this video and please if you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate one bit to comment on the video and ask me! Without further ado, my first YouTube video.

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  1. Excellent tutorial, thanks

  2. There is a wide variety of programs to make animations, a big time recommendation is Adobe Flash. That has everything to make flash files you can find commonly on Newgrounds or if budget is a problem

  3. Sally Hay says:

    Thanks for your great tutorial!
    So simple 🥂

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