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10 Steps to launching your website with a BANG!

Your brand messaging is on point throughout your site, you’ve tested your site on all the different platforms (Chrome, desktop, iPad, phone), and maybe you’ve gone as far as to install heat map and tracking so you know what people are clicking on to gather data; it sounds to me like you are ready to set up launch week! Here are 10 quick tips to launch your Squarespace, WordPress, or Showit Website with a bang!!

1. Set a goal

What does that number look like? Do you want to sell x number of products? Do you want to build your email list? Do you want your photography website to cause you to book clients? Set a goal to allow you to see measurable objectives by the end of the first week.

2. Get an awesome freebie in place

Build your email list by offering a freebie! If you are reading this and need some ideas, you can check out my FREEBIE PAGE of my website (you don’t need a whole page, just 1)! You are generating buzz during the launch so now is the time to use that to grab peoples’ emails who maybe aren’t ready to buy right now but will be so in the future.

3. Welcome sequence set up

A mini welcome campaign isn’t a ton of work, yet it is a great way to bring potential clients from just that to raving fans! Have 3 emails triggered automatically in your email platform where you showcase your personality and the “YOU” behind your brand!

4. Plan a series of Instagram stories, live videos, and/or trainings

You don’t need to do anything crazy just go live, do a countdown to the launch, or host a series of workshops related to your product!

5. Plan a giveaway around your launch

Partner with a brand that is similar to yours in your market and do a giveaway! You don’t want them to be in the same industry (because you want to capitalize on their following), but you want to have something in common so their audience is also your ideal client. This will build the buzz around your launch and maybe even consider giving a bonus entry to the giveaway if they sign up for your email list!

6. Thoroughly review your design

It is easy especially when you design on Showit, to only pay attention to the desktop version, but MOST people are looking at mobile. Carefully review both the Desktop and Mobile Design. You can do so by going to www.YOURADDRESSHERE.com/home.

Some things to pay attention to: Layout, spelling, grammar, links, and contact form.

7. Write a few blog posts

You want to create at least a few blog posts so your blog page isn’t empty. You can access your blog at www.YOURADDRESSHERE.com/blog.

8. Add Search Engine Optimization

Showit has tons of SEO resources and if you are using Squarespace, you can check out my Squarespace SEO course to help set up SEO on your site!

A few things to add: SEO Titles, Descriptions, SEO to your photos, Keywords and a featured photo for every page of your website.

9. Set your home page as your Home Page

If you had a temporary “coming soon” page as your home page, make sure you change it on your Squarespace or Showit dashboard!

On Showit you can do this by going to Showit Dashboard > Pages > Home Page > ••• > Set as Home Page > Publish.

10. Complete Showit or Squarespace’s Launch Steps

Complete Showit’s Launch Steps or Squarespace’s and have them connect your blog and domain name to your new website!

Want more launching tips?

I love Ashlyn Carter (copywriter for creatives) and think she provides some valuable info in her video! Some of it may be repetitive, but it is worth checking out!

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