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The Process Behind a Standout Squarespace Website That Gets You Clients

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Phase 1

Website that represents you

A template is generic and won't fit your brand 100%.

The Moodboard Challenge (minute 3:14) will give you Canva Moodboard Templates and strategy to create your branding for conversion.


You don't have to be miserable trying to DIY your website

Phase 2

Website that gets you clients

STANDOUT SQUARESPACE SITE SYSTEM - Get out of the rut of analysis paralysis and use a strategic template to guide your custom website and force you to move along in the creation process (minute 9:10). 


Phase 3


Skip the constant marketing of yourself on social media and get clients through SEO. Learn how to do KEYWORD RESEARCH + the 30 MINUTE SEO INTEGRATION SYSTEM

Let SEO do the heavy-lifting for you (minute 13:35).

The bonus launch checklist will also help you launch your website with a bang!


I Invite You to Join Entrepreneurs Who Are Wanting a Website That Converts

"This course is reasonably priced and jam packed with information on how you can DIY your own site...OR if you already have a site, how to make updates... I already had a website, but I wanted to change it up on my own and was able to by taking this course... This is great for the beginner who doesn't have thousands to spend on a designer... Squarespace is such an easy platform to use..."

- NANCY BISCHOFF (Educator to Squarespace Designer)

"Bekah helped me with my Squarespace website IMMENSELY. She offered specific, practical advice that I was able to immediately implement on my site and had videos when I didn't understand. I couldn't afford a web designer and Bekah came alongside me to help me navigate Squarespace and design a site in which I am proud."



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You will have your website up in a weekend aweing your clients!

PAYMENT PLAN for 6 months

The Accelerator

one-time payment

The Total Reset

You get immediate access to the trainings with a bite-sized payment plan!

A value-packed course + Squarespace template! This is everything up-front, but you'll save over $100.



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