How to Set up Google Analytics for your Website

Are you preparing for launch and want to get the most out of your website? Or maybe you have had your site for a while and simply want to learn more about how it is performing and how your audience is interacting with your website; well Google analytics is where it is at!

The steps for setting up Google Analytics

The steps are a little bit different depending on which platform you have, but you should be able to follow these steps and figure it out!

  1. Set up a Google account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Enter the details for setting up your account and make sure you keep your tracking ID number (you will need to add this to your website.)
  3. I have a WordPress site so I had to install a plugin. I used “Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights” and went through the steps finally entering in my tracking code. If you have a Squarespace site, you can use their built-in integration (one of the many reasons I love Squarespace!)

Don’t worry if you don’t see anything on Google Analytics right away, it takes a few ays to track your data. If you installed “Monster Insights” you will be able to see the data there as well under “overview”.

Why is Google Analytics important?

I went over this a little bit in my qualitative and quantitative blog for websites, but stats matter! By being able to track what your audience is doing on your site (for example, which pages they are looking at, how long they stay on that page, and which page they leave your website from) you will be able to make informed and data-backed decisions getting rid of any faults/ loop-holes in your site! You can also find out which blog posts are doing really well which will help you know what content you should write more of.

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