How I Am Making $2,000-$5,000 a Month During Maternity Leave as an Entrepreneur

Sharing numbers and money is always such a weird/ uncomfortable thing for me, but here’s how I’m making $$$ while on maternity leave:

1. I’m beyond blessed to live in a state that has paid family & medical leave. Meaning even as an entrepreneur they PAY ME to have a baby based on my earnings 4 quarters prior.

2. I’m 5 years into business & have developed “passive income” sources. I wouldn’t be making this money at year 2 if I’m being honest. That being said we all know passive income isn’t passive and I had to work hard the months prior to keep it going for my 3 month leave.

I spill my last 2 ways I’m earning money towards the end of the video!

The figures $$ for June:

Affiliate Programs$137.75
My Squarespace Course (Payment Plan)$89.00
Social Media Clients$1,350.00
WA Paid Family & Medical Leave$2,813.00

A few things to note – I had to renew my LLC with the Department Of Revenue + file my annual report with the Secretary of State, so that took a large chunk out of the earnings.

I also hired an assistant who maintains all my social media clients. I pay her hourly and she received $410 for the month.

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A little more about my brand:

I’m a mama of 2 and work 1 day a week (technically).

I am passionate about serving new creative entrepreneurs in a QUICK and EFFECTIVE way! No dilly-dallying with getting the website into the World.

The sooner it is out there, the sooner you can start ranking on search engines (SEO).

  • I’ve designed over 40 websites
  • I’ve completed 25 Website In A Days (a service started in 2020 cuz Covid)
  • I’ve DROPPED my income in half since having my daughter in 2021 and I LOVE the situation I’ve worked out for us (daycare 1 day a week)

I’d love to know a bit more about you dear reader! Comment below and let me know where you are at on your entrepreneur journey!

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