Creative Brief For Spokane Charcuterie

I thought you weren’t working on maternity leave?

Well, I’m not really. But one of my favorite things about my FIRST 1 MONTH SABBATICAL was that I participated in a design challenge. It not only worked my creative muscle, but it also gave me some extra portfolio content!

I decided to help one of my friends out with her new business by creating her a logo and website for free! Here’s the results.

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Creative Brief

Want to know the STRATEGY and DETAILS behind my latest logo and website design project (did ya even know I still did those or did you think I just sold Squarespace courses?)

FIRST OFF: These were my “ingredients” aka the stipulations for the project:

Super fun and playful like my client 

Welcoming like the brand

High-end to serve the ideal client

And here is the PIECE OF ART I created:

Brand board & Website

Want to create a mood board like the one above?

Get the template (as well as 10 other options) for FREE ↓

Watch me edit one of the mood board templates to create this brand!

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