8 YouTube Videos You Should Watch Right Now

These are my all time, most popular YouTube videos!

NOTE: I chose the ones that are still relevant – as you know Squarespace and Showit are constantly changing (which is what I primarily teach on), so if the tutorial isn’t super applicable I moved on to the next highest video.

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1. How to Change Squarespace Header, Text & More in Site Styles (7.1)

Although my MOST POPULAR video (at 35k views) is this tutorial but with Squarespace version 7.0, it is no longer relevant for most Squarespace users so I linked the 7.1 version.

Also this video is a good lesson in YouTube marketing. Most of my videos I do my hair and makeup (well I put on mascara real quick), I sit in front of my on-brand wall, and record. How to edit Squarespace header and text in site styles was a question I was asked and I was at my cabin in Minnesota and quickly recorded it.

4 years later it’s by far my most popular video with 35,000 views, 588 HOURS of watch time, and 48 comments!

Moral of the story- just get started with whatever it is in your business you want to do. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

Okay, moving on. Back to the most popular YouTube videos:

2. How To Create a Scrolling Website Animation In Photoshop in 3 minutes!

This tutorial is perfect if you are looking to launch your new website and want to feature a page of your website as a video on your Instagram account.


3. How To Get Scrolling Text On Your Squarespace Or Showit Website

Up-level your website with an animated typing text effect by following this tutorial! Copy and paste the code in this article.

4. How to Create Overlapping Icons on Squarespace

As you may know, Squarespace is broken into sections. Each page has multiple sections separated by a blue line. If you want to overlap an icon or photo over two sections, you will need to follow this tutorial and use some code. I’ve used this on MANY websites! Get the code HERE.

5. How Do You Add a Shop to Your Showit Website With Shopify Lite?

Here are the steps you will need to take in order to add products to your Showit 5 website and then get a custom code from Shopify so people can ACTUALLY buy your products!

6. How to Create Events on Squarespace 7.1

Are you ready to create events on your Squarespace site and make it so they can pay for the event right there? Watch this tutorial!

7. Watch Me Work! Behind the Scenes of Designing a Homepage on Squarespace 7.1

This is BY FAR the longest YouTube video I have ever created, but if you want to follow my exact process for designing a website, you’ll enjoy this 34 minute video!

Follow along as I replicate my Showit website on the Squarespace platform (note – this is 7.1, not the current Fluid Engine).

8. How to Create a Drop Down FAQ Section in Showit

Learn how to add a drop down FAQ/ accordion to your Showit website!

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