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Taking a break from copying others artwork

Breathe In… And Take A Break

A little life update

If you follow me on the ‘gram you know I am taking a December Sabbatical… and I have been REAL nervous about it.

I’ve never taken extended leave from work, but I am hopeful that it will be worth every bit of the prep I put in, meetings with my assistant, having to say no, and the “missed” opportunities.

I am praying December is a time in which I can finally SLOW DOWN after 2.5 years of trying to get ahead.

Work my creative muscle

So what am I doing during this time? Trying to stop the comparison game. I am notorious for *copying*. 😲 Okay, okay let me explain!

When I was in elementary school and I got handed a coloring sheet I would ask for a blank piece of paper so I could trace. I loved “creating” something that was my own, yet also having it be perfect.

Then I went to college where my graphic design professor said all design REALLY is is copying others artwork and changing it. There are no original ideas.

This may have partial truth to it, but it led me down a bad path of looking at Pinterest whenever I needed logo inspiration. That is one of the reasons I cut logos from my packages and began just doing websites.

One actionable step I’m taking to combat this deeply rooted insecurity and belief? Creating graphics JUST FOR ME. I joined the Holly Jolly Design Challenge and Y’ALL! It is so much fun! Thanks Olivia Herrick Design for putting this on! Here are just a few of the prompts that I have ran away with:

Best Netflix Christmas Movies Ranked

Oh you saw that Netflix checklist and need more details?! I’ve got you!

Let me preface this with I am partial to Hallmark movies. That being said, here is the best to worst Christmas movies on Netflix (just the ones in the above checklist):

  1. A Christmas Prince (A Netflix Classic. Reporter meets Prince. Skip the 2nd & 3rd movie.)
  2. Holiday in the Wild (Newly single woman meets guy in the wild in Zambia. The perfect storm for a whirlwind romance.)
  3. Christmas Inheritance (Ellen goes from drinking socialite to hometown friend when she has to deliver a letter from her dad in order to inherit her dad’s company)
  4. The Christmas Chronicles (Santa’s sleigh crashes. What’s new. A brother and sister team helping out!)
  5. Holiday Calendar (An antique Advent calendar predicts what happens each day. It made me smile so that’s a win.)
  6. Princess Switch (Vanessa Hudgens switches with herself in this movie where hometown girl goes princess. But please skip the sequel. It’s very not worth your time.)
  7. Holidate (And this is the difference between Hallmark and Netflix. Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey bring the fun. Unfortunately Kristen Chenoweth doesn’t bring the singing.)
  8. Jingle Jangle (I’ll be honest I got a little bored when there was like 5 different storylines, but I loved the music and dancing. All the Greatest Showman vibes.)
  9. The Knight Before Christmas (A knight is transported to the present day and meets Vanessa Hudgens. She is the new Lacey Chabert/ Candace Cameron Bure but in Netflix)

Want to learn more about my first 15 days of Sabbath?

Is this your first time here?

Hey friend! I’m Bekah 👋 

I’m the chatty friend who is always trying to get you to go on your next mountain adventure (my husband secretly loves it, I know). I fill my days with puppy cuddles from my GIANT Leonberger-doodle (it’s not a thing), Christmas playlists (tell me I’m not alone) and a fast-paced lifestyle. 

So, why website design? My heart for orphans is actually what led me to starting a business. My passion for foster care fuels all my decisions in my personal life and corporate just wasn’t doing it for me. I wanted a business that let me give how I wanted to give and travel when I wanted to return to Honduras. 2.5 years ago Rebekah Read Creative was born and I haven’t looked back.

If you’d like to learn more about my story and how I bring a strategic process to my website designs, check out my website.

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