Best 10 Running Spots Around Spokane

1. Centennial Trail – 9 Mile

The Centennial Trail gets all the credit on many running blogs, but I’m here to tell you to get out of the main section and head over to the end of the trail (like mile 36).

We started at Deep Creek lookout and ran to the end of the trail (Nine Mile Falls Recreation Area) and there are fewer people and a whole lot of beauty.

where to run in spokane

2. St. George’s Trailhead

I have ran multiple time at St. George’s and loved every minute! These trails are on the North side of Spokane and don’t get a lot of sun so if you are wanting to do a winter (or even spring) run, be prepared to be trudging through some snow. That being said, whether you do the out and back on the right side of the road or the loop on the left side, both offer great mountain views and a moderately challenging run.

3. Turnball Wildlife Refuge

Turnball is a great place if you want to see a variety of birds and potentially some moose! Stay in groups smaller than 5 and we usually do the Stubble Field loop and then the road loop to get about 12 miles of easy running!

4. Antoine Peak

Antoine is about 9 miles round trip (although you can make it shorter or longer). You get 732 feet of elevation gain and beautiful views of Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake!

5. Saltese Flats

Despite the name, it isn’t flat the whole time. Starting off, however, you kind of run around the large hill. It is very open and a fun time on some trails.

6. Liberty Lake Loop

Always a fan favorite, this loop is easy to access, and has some of the prettiest features.

If you’re looking for hills, waterfalls, I highly suggest grabbing some friends and running (or hiking) the Liberty Lake loop!

7. South Hill Bluff

If you live on the South Hill, you have probably encountered entrances to The Bluff. It is HEAVILY trafficked with bikes, walkers, dogs, and runners, but has great vies of Vinegar Flats/ Eagle Ridge/ 195 (because who doesn’t want to look at a highway on their run).

All jokes aside, it is easy to access and you can easily get 8 miles in!

8. Trail 25 in Riverside State Park

This is our go-to for long run day. Trail 25 is definitely run-able and has great views. You can run across the very-popular swinging bridge at Bowl and Pitcher, through the rocky terrain nearby, and get wonderful forest views. Just try not to get lost (not speaking from experience or anything).

9. Hog Lake

This is in Tyler, Washington near Cheney Washington. Although I haven’t actually ran there, Hog Lake has been on my list for a while!

10. Iller Creek

My husband and I loved running Iller Creek (aka Dishman Hills)! It is a fairly easy 5 miles and beautiful trails.

iller creek run spokane valley

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