Is Squarespace Free?

is squarespace free?

In short, no.

There are ways in which you can get a decreased price such as if you are a nonprofit or student (I talk more about that in THIS post).

If you work with a Squarespace circle member (hey that me! 🙋‍♀️), you get a 6 month free trial, however this is just for designing your site, it can’t go live under the trial version. You also get 20% off if you work with a Circle member so it is definitely a great route if you don’t want to DIY your Squarespace site. If you are interested in learning the steps to create a Squarespace website, follow this video tutorial; I’ve got you friend!

How long is a Squarespace free trial if you’re not a Circle member?

Anyone can get a Squarespace free trial for 14 days. This is a pretty common amount of time (Showit is the same way). After the 14 days are up, Squarespace will send you an email asking if you want another 7 days to complete your site, so you actually have a 21 free trial.

Once your free trial is up, you get to pick a plan. This can be a bit overwhelming, but if you don’t plan on selling anything and you aren’t using any code, I suggest just getting the personal plan. You can always upgrade later on.

Remember, once you’re ready to purchase you can shop around the internet for a 10% off coupon (they are fairly easy to find) or if you are a student at a college/university and have an .edu email, you can get 50% off your first year of Squarespace.

I hope you found this blog helpful. I know it may not be *exactly* what you want to hear, but I can assure you that Squarespace is TOTALLY worth the $8-$18 a month!

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