Squarespace Blog Example Ideas

Squarespace Blog Example Ideas

There are so many amazing benefits to Squarespace, but one of them is that the blog is integrated in your website. With Showit, the blog is on WordPress which we all know is majorly confusing!

If you know the basic layout of a website page, the blog portion will be very easy. You create a blog the exact same way you create a page! This allows you to easily make your blog stunning by adding lines, photos, YouTube videos, etc keeping your audience engaged.

In this post I am featuring some of my favorite websites I have created that showcase the blog on the homepage in an interesting way. These clients have been active about posting on their blog to improve their SEO and keep their audience engaged!

LIVE SITE: Cambrya Writes

This fun blog was designed to showcase Cam’s content writing services for schools, but also to highlight her blog posts for homeschool moms and Montessori schools!

I love how her website is professional and polished, but also draws the attention of someone who works with kids everyday!

LIVE SITE: Kelsey Ogletree

If you aren’t following Kelsey’s blog + aren’t subscribed to her newsletter, I suggest you plan on changing that. Seriously, her newsletter is great for ANYONE!

Kelsey’s blog is called “Long Term Relationship” and she talks all about her experiences working from all over the World. Her primary audience is freelance writers and gives very helpful tips on how to pitch yourself, but if you subscribe to her newsletter you’ll get tips on practical, daily stuff like handling working from home with ease, travel tips, and recipes.


If you own a real estate company, one of the BEST things you can do for yourself is start blogging about the location in which you live.

There is no better way to have someone who is not from the area find you then by showing up on Google and the only way to increase your ranking on search engines is by consistently blogging.

Darby realty has done a great job writing blogs about the top locations to eat, grab a beer, and hike!

LIVE SITE: That Green Dress

You may be noticing by now that Brine is my favorite template! The flexibility makes it the absolute best choice on the Squarespace market!

This client is using her blog as a place to put the show notes for her podcast for women! Although transcribing every episode is a lot of work, it is worth it to get all those keywords in her blog post and a better chance at ranking!

LIVE SITE: Homegrown Education

Last but certainly not least is Homegrown Education’s site! This stay-at-home mom creates tons of resources for other homeschool mamas who are looking for quality curriculum centered around whole foods.

I love her blog posts FILLED with ideas about cooking with kids and teaching them nutrition!

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