How My Business Is Changing In 2023

Here’s an update on my business in 2023. What happened at the end of 2022 that made me COMPLETELY GET RID OF WEBSITE IN A DAY and what I am currently offering in order to still make money.

Shownotes or whatever they’re called

One of the things I’ve loved about Instagram is how honest I can be about my entrepreneurial journey. YouTube doesn’t seem like you can do that, but I am breaking the mold.

When I started 2022 I pivoted my business because I had a 3 month old I stayed home with 24/7. I started offering website in a day as my only service and it worked really well in the beginning! I had systems set up that allowed me to work only during nap time and then I found a babysitter for the day of the website design and I brought it great income! And then it started not working…

I don’t know if clients started expecting more from a 5 page website in a day or if I wasn’t communicating well what the service will be or if clients just didn’t align, but it wasn’t working and I was getting bad anxiety about it.

I was ready to quit my business.

So I took website in a day off my website all together in the end of October. Which was super scary because that was the main thing making me money and I changed it to website in a week. Since doing that I haven’t received even one consultation call!

Will I continue designing websites?

I don’t know. If I get the right client fit, then yes. But it is still a really big struggle working with a 1 year old at home (I did find her care once a week PRAISE).

How am I making money now?

When I started my biz in 2018 I did social media as my main service. I have a few social media clients I have had for a long time who appreciate me and that is what I need right now, so I am focussing on serving them. I am also helping one of my clients with their podcast a little more and doing their editing as well as their social media marketing. (Don’t hire me for your podcast editing, just doing it for them because I love them). So that is what my business is going to look like (currently) in 2023.

This is what I need right now – to feel appreciated. I have also looked into getting a part time job because I am an extrovert working at home alone all day. I will let you know what happens!

I still have my two courses that are Squarespace related and I continue to occasionally promote those which brings in some income and I plan to continue updating and serving the students in those courses.

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