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Adding a full shop to Showit

I published a video on how to add e-commerce to a website using Shopify Lite. If you have a small store (under 30 items), this is a great option that allows you to still use the wonderful Showit platform.

But what if you want full e-commerce capabilities?

In this video you will see a tutorial on how to do it with a different product called!

The key difference with Shoprocket is that their main use is to embed FULL e-commerce into an existing website. It is more at the forefront, rather than being an afterthought. If your websites main purpose is to sell something, this is a great option.

Advantages of Shoprocket:



More intuitive

I love that you don’t need to embed buy buttons or products on multiple pages and can simply drop in a full, browsable store with categories and full page product views with only ONE embed code (for all you DIY’ers, this may be a better option for you).

Where do I make changes to the product?

You make the changes to your shop items in the Shoprocket dashboard, and the embed automatically updates in your Showit website.

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