BTS Of Breaking Down Affiliate Launches

I HATE live launching…

Due to this fact, I put my two courses (Squarespace With Confidence and Squarespace SEO) on evergreen. I know I will get FAR less sales, but it is worth it to me as a stay at home mom who doesn’t have the capacity to do webinars, Instagram lives, and show up daily for a week of launching.

That being said, I LOVE affiliate launches!

Why you may ask:

  1. They prepare you with the email copy and graphics
  2. It allows you to feel like a part of something (I’m all about community)
  3. They usually have bonuses for if you are in the top sales (which I never am, but it motivates me nonetheless)
  4. I get a percentage ($$$) of MY LINK sales

I have done 3 live affiliate launches this year and here is the breakdown of what I did well, what I need to approve on, and how it helped my business:

Systems And Workflow Magic Bundle

This bundle was created by Dolly DeLong and I LOVED being a part of her bundle! I added my Squarespace SEO course to the bundle (and took out a few of the bonus modules). The bundle consisted of 36 other amazing resources/ contributors and for the week of cart open you could get over $6.7K of resources for $97! It was such a steal of a deal and so easy to promote because of that!

What I did:

  • Sent 4 emails (Feb. 3, 6, 8, & 10). – I had a 34.4% average Open Rate and 0.6% average Click Rate. 
  • Instagram – 2 Lives related to SYM Bundle, 1 post, and stories daily (I should have done a reel)
  • If they purchased through my link they got in an EXCLUSIVE, Private, Facebook group with me for 2 weeks where they could ask me any website or SEO related questions. (I think this is super valuable, but I don’t necessarily think other people did).

What it did for me:

I had 2 people purchase through my link. Dolly was super generous and gave the contributors 75% if they bought through their link so I made $135. I also had an upsell where if they got in my SEO course, they could purchase for $50 extra the ENTIRE SEO course (since I had cut out some of the content). I made one sale there so a total of $185.

So far 50 new member have entered the Squarespace SEO course. This means I have 50 new subscribers to my email list (prior to the bundle I had 816 email subscribers – I have been working VERY hard the past 4 years to get that far) AND the potential for 50 new testimonials.

Overall, I would say it was worth it even though the income brought in wasn’t amazing.

Paige Brunton’s Square Secrets Business Course

Square Secrets Business™ is a high ticket course offered by Paige Brunton (Squarespace QUEEN). It guides people through the process of creating a successful website design business.

The promotion period/ launch calendar was a bit hefty, but she knows what she is doing!

What I did:

  • Promoted the free bootcamp for the first 2 weeks of April – Sent 6 emails (April 3, 6, 11, 14, 18, & 19), posted on Instagram stories, etc.
  • I went Live on Instagram with Paige and turned that into a YouTube video (WATCH HERE)
  • Wrote 2 blog posts related to the Bootcamp/ Course (Biz anniversary and I turned the YouTube video into a BLOG POST)
  • Went Live on Instagram the day before cart close (April 25) & made it into a YouTube video
  • Was in the bootcamp for the 3 days it was live
  • Cart open was 1 week and sent 5 emails (April 20, 21, 22, 25, & 26)
  • Many Instagram stories and made an Instagram highlight
  • If they purchased through my link they got my Squarespace With Confidence course ($497 value at the time) or Squarespace SEO course ($150 value) FOR FREE
  • Sent DMs to people right before “early bird” ended as well as “cart close” to see if they had any questions

What I should have done:

  • Created reels promoting the course
  • Created visual mockup of my SEO course & Squarespace course stating total value and adding that to emails 

What it did for me:

I had 15 people join the Bootcamp through my link and then 3 people purchase the course Square Secrets Business™️ through my link. We got a 25% commission. There were multiple different payment plans, but I *think* in the end (over the next year) I will end up making $2,050!

Let me get real with you for a minute…

Sometimes you do everything you can, and it just doesn’t go as planned. Whether that’s the economy, not the right time, or who knows why, that’s just the reality. I launched Paige Brunton’s Bootcamp again in October and was far less “successful”. Although I brought in 12 leads to the Bootcamp, I made a whopping ZERO sales.

Here’s everything I did for that launch:

  • Sent out 12 emails (I have a smaller audience size than many of the other affiliates at 900 active subscribers)
  • Posted on Instagram stories daily
  • Made IG reel about bootcamp
  • Made IG carousel post about bootcamp
  • Sent everyone who signed up for the bootcamp a personal email (or reached out on Instagram DMs)
  • Added a visual mockup of my course to 2 of the emails

Ya win some, ya loose some. AMIRIGHT?! This business thing is a TRIP 😂

What questions do you have about affiliate launches?

I go into the other things I affiliate for in THIS POST.

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