Affiliate marketing for entrepreneurs

Are you looking to cut back on 1-on-1 services and still make money in your business? Affiliate marketing isn’t 100% passive (at least not the kind where you make GOOD money) just like online courses are never 100% passive, but it is a lot less work than constantly selling yourself for 1:1 services and it allows you to support another business!

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Let’s chat affiliate marketing for entrepreneurs because I think it gets a really bad rep. I’ll be honest, I was hesitant about it prior to becoming an affiliate for some programs in which I truly believe, so I get it!


Honestly? It just make sense! I got this dog mom sweatshirt and it is so cute plus it’s comfy, so why would I not tell my fellow dog moms to check it out? I’m not getting any commission, but I will promote it because I love it and wear it frequently. Same with Squarespace and Showit.  These are platforms I use all the time (like daily). I don’t get any type of affiliate commission (well I have just started with Squarespace, but I have yet to have someone use the link. I digress), but I’m going to rave about the platforms because I have spent hundreds of hours on both and have had great experiences.

So if someone reaches out to you to promote their course or their Black Friday sale, why would you NOT?


1. Start trials

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to become an affiliate for something but you aren’t sure what, I would suggest start using different things for entrepreneurs. Get free trials of email marketing platforms, course platforms (like Kajabi, Podia, or Teachable) if you have an online course, etc. And then IF YOU LOVE IT, look into if they offer some type of affiliate marketing program. You’ll hear me rave about Flodesk. I started on the trial after being fed up with Mailchimp and quickly fell in love. It made me actually enjoy email marketing and DO IT, so you will hear me talk about my 50% off coupon through them! It all started with a trial.

2. Choose programs or systems that are newer 

When I was looking at the best course platform for me, I wasn’t paying attention to if they had affiliate marketing. I was looking at price, ease of use, and customer service; BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t pay attention to if they have some type of affiliate program. Generally newer companies will offer affiliate programs to get the word out. I chose Podia for a myriad of reasons and since they are a newer company they have great customer support and an affiliate program! I have loved Podia for hosting my Squarespace With Confidence and Squarespace SEO course. It was so easy to upload the videos and create the backend course so that was an easy YES for me!

3. Connect with other Entrepreneurs 

One of the best ways I have found to become an affiliate is to simply connect with other entrepreneurs who have similar audiences OR their product could help your audience. One example is Kelsey Formost who has a copywriting course for new entrepreneurs. This aligns perfectly with my ideal audience for my Squarespace course! Plus her commission rate is 30% (which is very high)!

Here’s a few other programs/ companies for which I am an affiliate:


If you’re in need of legal contracts or documents to protect your digital products and online assets (like your website!) THIS is where I get them! I bet she has what you need to protect your business plus Paige is just the sweetest!! If you don’t already have a Website Privacy Policy, I highly suggest looking at the one from The Legal Paige. CHECK OUT THE CONTRACTS!


This CRM is great for building relationships, scheduling appointments, and creating workflows to streamline a client experience.  GET 20% OFF YOUR FIRST YEAR!


Writing subject lines may just be the bane of my existence, so I got the Subject Line Generator for $27 from Kelsey Formost which has been helping me with my open rates! I also LOVED her Launch Sequence Email Templates. There is SO MUCH you have to do to prepare for a launch and writing 10 emails is something I dread so this was super helpful! She also has an AMAZING course called Copy Class that opens a few times a year! It is perfect if you are not a writer, but need to write words that sell on your website, email campaigns, etc. CHECK OUT her freebie how to grow an email list.


For email marketing and for writing weekly newsletters, FLODESK IS THE PLATFORM TO BE ON! Y’all it took me a while to bite the bullet, but the fact that I ENJOY sending emails is a huge win! Use code BEKAH for 50% off!


I’m pretty 50/50 with recommending Squarespace or Showit to my clients (truly depends on their industry), but you know I love Squarespace (I mean I have a SEO course + DIY course!)

Save 10% off your first subscription of a website by using the code PARTNER10.

Yes, with some of these I get a little commission, (with no extra cost to you) but I would recommend all of them regardless!

WANT TO KNOW THE OTHER TOOLS I USE IN MY BUSINESS (some are affiliates, most are not)? READ THIS!

affiliate marketing for entrepreneurs

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