Roundup of my current TOP 9 favorite things!

We are in month 3 of 2021 and I decided here are my current FAVES ๐Ÿ—“ to not only helping me relax as a busy entrepreneur, but also help move the needle in my website design business (although this can be applied to ANY creative business).

1. PLAYLIST I’m listening to

Honestly? I love Emily Ley’s monthly playlists! A new month brings a new playlist and even though I listened to this March playlist in 2020 and 2019, it still brings me the same amount of joy!!

2. FREE weekly fonts

See that little doodle above? That was a free font! If you haven’t signed up for the weekly Creative Marketplace newsletter, I HIGHLY suggest! They send me (ok the World, but it feels personal) weekly free fonts. This week I got Micaroline Classic Typeface and I am LOVING it.

3. The BEST Email marketing platform

As I create more and more workflows for my business (and freebies) I am reminded how much I love Flodesk. Many of my website clients are on Mailchimp and every time I get into that beast of a platform, I’m more sure of my $19/ month purchase (if you want 50% off Flodesk feel free to use THIS LINK).

4. For small business owners

Here’s a quick list of what I wish I had known 3 years ago about onboarding and off-boarding clients. I believe it would have built that know like trust factor earlier on in our process of working together. Oh well! Live and learn!

5. For website designers (or current DIY’ers)

Finding new, fun codes to CUSTOMIZE your website! If you are on Showit, here is how to create a dropdown FAQ section (I’ll be honest, it is kind of intense). For my Squarespace users, I created a WHOLE FREEBIE with 8 easy codes to put in your site to make it unique (I’ve got you, friend!)

6. PRESENT morning routine

Do you have a morning routine? It is something I have started to try to implement. I got the PRESENT idea from Ashlyn Carter and although I don’t do each step, it helps me remember a good way to start the day. I usually start with the nourish (your girl needs FOOD), and then move on to PRAY (I use Val Marie Paper’s method to prayer), READ (I try to pick a fun book), EXPRESS (I have been using Bekah Pogue’s journal Choosing Real) and then SCHEDULE my day/ to-do list. Then later on in the day I will EXERCISE and TRACK using Toggl how long tasks take.

7. Course platform

It’s time to do one of my LEAST favorite things as a business owner… add a monthly business expense. I created aย SEO Squarespace courseย on my website (perks of being a web designer!!) but I am at a point where I want to be able to track my students and have automatic emails set up so after MUCH research (you know me), I decided to go with PODIA to create my next course! I looked into all of them…ย TEACHABLE,ย KAJABI, TEACHERY, THINKIFIC, and they all have their benefits, but ultimately I didn’t need something as in depth as Kajabi and I wanted a platform that didn’t take a percentage of my sales like Teachable. After using it for multiple years, I can confirm that Podia is 100% worth it!

8. The Made Up Morning Show

Jess Connolly and Katie Walters are sisters who started this IG live at the beginning of quarantine (THAT. WAS. A. YEAR. AGO. HOW?!) It ceased in the summer and they now have picked it back up once a week on Wednesdays!

They chat about comparison, shame, give strength tips, spiritual warfare, skincare, and more. It’s my fave and SO ENCOURAGING.

9. Venmo Business

Are you a Paypal user? Stripe? Are you so over the 2.5% transaction fees? Yeah, me too! Venmo now has a business profile and I am HERE ๐Ÿ‘ FOR ๐Ÿ‘ IT. I now send clients my Venmo BUSINESS profile (note – personal profiles for business aren’t legal) and it’s my fave because transaction fees are WAY less (standard rate of 1.9%+$0.10 of the payment).

If you are interested in trying out Venmo I have a little code. If you use it, you get $5 after you sign up and make a $5 minimum payment within 14 days. WOOT WOOT. Download the app using my referral link: Terms apply:


be happy with what you have while working for what you want

* Please note, with some of these I get a little commission, (with no extra cost to you) but I would recommend all of them regardless!

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