4 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website and Grow Your Email List

Increasing traffic to your website is imperative to helping your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of the BEST ways to increase traffic to your website is to create a BOMB freebie! That freebie not only brings people to your website, but it also helps grow your email list – WIN WIN!

In the past 4 months I have almost DOUBLED my email list (from 300 to 500+). Here are the steps I did to do so:

1. Polled my audience for a freebie they *actually* want

When it comes to freebies, I have done it all. Checklists, a quiz, PDF downloads, templates, etc. (you can see the roundup HERE). But you don’t need to make the mistake I did of creating 12 freebies just to grow your email list.

Poll your audience with some ideas you have, and get their opinion! They will tell you what they want and in return you won’t have to do as much work!

2. Joined an online summit

I was asked to present a 30 minute training about SEO. Usually these summits have 10-30 experts and each person is required to share it with their email list. As a result, you get your face in front of a lot of people and an opportunity to promote one of your freebies/ opt-ins! My email list grew by abut 40 people just from this event.

3. Offered a HIGH VALUE free masterclass

This was definitely the biggest thing to grow my email list quickly. I created a 60 minute masterclass all about SEO and had my friends promote it on their Instagram. This got me about 80 new email subscribers and an opportunity to tell them about my How to DIY a Squarespace website course after!

4. Create a freebie with other entrepreneurs

Overtime, this has been my most popular opt-in and I believe the most value-packed. I partnered with 3 other entrepreneurs to create a “how to diy your website” freebie. We each had a section we were in charge of (from copywriting, to SEO, to web design best practices to branding) and the Website Bootcamp freebie has brought in over 280 subscribers! It also was a great opportunity for us 4 girls to promote each other and our specific talents.

website bootcamp workbook

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