How To Clean Up Your Email List In Flodesk

Let’s learn how to delete less engaged subscribers in Flodesk, shall we?

You may have heard of EMAIL SCRUBBING but why would you do it?

Removing unengaged subscribers makes it so that you can market to people who are eager and ACTUALLY want to get your emails.


The key is to Use the Filters:

1. Filter on Active subscribers.

2. Use a suitable Last activity timeframe. Your less engaged subscribers are (Active) subscribers who engaged with your emails the last time (=Last Activity)- 6 or more months ago, or- a year or more ago.If you typically email once a week I would go with people who interacted 6 months ago.

3. Bulk select those individuals and add them to a new segment (titled Cold Leads)

4. Send them a short email asking them if they are still interested in being on your email list (remind them what value you offer). You could even do a whole re-engagement campaign if you’re interested. Or you could just unsubscribe/delete them right away.


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