How to allow subscribers to opt-out of launch sequence in Flodesk (but stay as a subscriber)

Is there a way to make people stop getting emails for week or 2 in Flodesk?

I wondered the same thing. I am doing a big course launch and I know the specific course won’t be applicable to about 1/4 of my list. I wanted to give them an option to opt-out if they don’t want to hear about the course. Here is the how-to!

First of all, there are a few different ways to do this:

How I did it in the video:

  1. Create a workflow that you send your entire list through for your launch sequence
  2. In the first (and maybe the second) email in the workflow, include something that says: ‘If you’re not interested in hearing about this course or if you’re not ready for it, click this link and you won’t get any more emails about this launch.’
  3. Add a time delay of a day or two *SEE NOTE
  4. Add an action/ CONDITION STEP in the first email. It is an action based on whether or not someone clicks a link. (In this case, clicking on the link would take them out of your launch sequence.) This condition step places subscribers who clicked the link into a new segment. Then when sending your course emails, exclude that segment from the send.
  5. Create a landing page on your website provider that people who click the link to opt-out can go to. This can be as simple as a page that says ‘Thank you and in the meantime, check out this free resource’ or something that would give them some value.
  6. Build the NO branch of the condition. Add all the emails and steps there for people who didn’t click the link—these are all the folks interested in this offer and wanting to hear about it in detail.
  7. Add all your email subscribers to your new segment — HERE’S HOW!

*NOTE* Be careful with timing – Flodesk will only check if they’ve opted out once at the time that you indicate, so make sure you give them enough time between emails!

Another option:

Make a new segment for your course.

Make a new full page form that adds subscribers to the new segment.

Send an email to your current list with call to action “get course info” linking to the new form.

Create workflow for course to that course segment.

*THE GOOD NEWS* Flodesk has a feature in the works to assist with this, so we won’t need to go through this whole painstaking process in the future… WOHOOO!

Either way you’re letting your people tell you whether or not they want to hear about your course. Some of them might not want to hear at all, some of them might want to hear about it but aren’t ready to buy yet, and some that you might not expect will be ready with wallets open to buy your course. But this way, you let them decide so no one feels like you’re excluding them.

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  1. Joanna A Peters says:

    HI thank you so much , I tried to do this and did not work.. any additional input it said something around the conditions were not acceptable

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