How to create a system for your free opt-ins on your website

I want to do something totally different in this video than I’ve ever done on my YouTube channel. I am bringing in a guest expert to talk about what happens when a conversion on your website goes through.

For example you have a free resource you want to give your ideal customer –

1. where do you put it on your website

2. how do you figure out WHAT free resource to give them

3. once you deliver it to them what system do you need to have in place to “warm them up” or NURTURE THEM to you as a business owner

Dolly is an expert at systems and workflows and she is going to take you behind the scenes into her system for freebies on her website.

In this video we will go over:

  • Brief into to lead magnets
  • What page of your website to add the opt-in
  • Where is the most effective place to put the freebie (body of home page, pop up, footer of every page, separate freebie page altogether)
  • Dolly’s system of updating her lead magnets (how she decides what magnets are relevant)
  • The ideal amount of opt-ins to have on your website
  • The Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle 2.0

A few LIGHTBULB moments

When you are deciding on a freebie to make or trying to cull your current freebie list to just a specific few…

  1. Know your audience
  2. Figure out what lights you up

Connect with Dolly

See Bekah’s Freebie page example

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