Get on Google’s Page 1 With Your Photos

If you’re in the wedding industry, you’re REALLY going to want to read this post (or honestly if you’re any service provider with images on your website).

Here’s a summary:

What is SEO?

Convincing Google (or other search engines) to place you higher on the page.

Why optimize images for SEO?

Stats from google say that 10.1% of Google traffic is for If your images have keyword phrases that people are *actually* searching for (and they aren’t too generic) you will start popping up on page 1!

Quick heads up…

SEO takes TIME! You won’t see results within a month (sorry bout it). BUT it is still 100% worth it! According to Google results will start to appear within 6-12 months. Consistency is key. Even if you can only blog (or update your photos) every other month, it is worth it!

Is one of your goals to get your Squarespace or Showit site shown on Google in 2024?

Check out my SQUARESPACE SEO COURSE and optimize your website for search engines so you can skip the Instagram rat race.

BUT I’M ON SHOWIT! I’ve got you covered. I 100% back Sarah with Digital Grace Design’s Showit SEO course! Use code BEKAH for $99.40 off.

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