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I’ve been off Instagram for just a mere 5 days and HOLY SMOKES. It is definitely confirming my *minor* addiction. I am glad I have blogging and SEO to continue to bring in clients so I can skip that marketing/ Instagram hustle.

With the rapid growth of AI, people are concerned that their SEO may tank, but honestly not much has changed. If you are doing SOLID keyword research prior to implementing and creating quality ORIGINAL content (AI can’t do that) with those keywords you will be doing leaps and bounds more than what most people do.

NOTE – I go into this as well as so much more including how to get backlinks to your site, meta tags, internal linking, what technical errors to be on the lookout for (ahem optimize for mobile) in my SEO course.

I was recently asked “How do I figure out what keywords to target on my website to bring in clients?? Keyword research 🤯”

Friend, I got you

How to do keyword research to improve your SEO

Where to put those keywords?

  1. On the copy of your website pages
  2. On the backend of each page (SEO Title & Description)
  3. In blog posts

Why is blogging so important?

The more you post blog content with your keywords you want to rank for, the more chance you have to actually rank for them.

So how does one go about finding those keywords? WATCH THE ABOVE VIDEO!

Using SEMrush, I will show you a quick and easy way to do keyword research. Find out what your competitors are ranking for, what keywords YOU are ranking for, and what keywords you should add to your Squarespace or Showit website!

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