How to Add a Calendar in Squarespace and Sync It

Wondering how to add a calendar to your Squarespace site that actually works? In under 5 minutes, I will teach you how to do this on your Squarespace!

If we haven’t met my name is Bekah and I teach other entrepreneurs, especially new entrepreneurs, how to build a website and get it running for them so that they can start getting clients and building their website’s SEO.

So first of all if you are wanting to have your events featured on a calendar you need to create an event page. If you put it under main navigation it’s going to show up in the menu. If you want it to be hidden to start, you can come to “not linked” click the plus and you’ll just do the event.

You can also feature blog posts on a calendar or shop items, but most people use the calendar for their events.

When you are creating the event, make sure to add a featured image and a caption under the settings then click publish.

adding calendar to the page

After you have added all your events:

  • go to the page where you want to add the calendar
  • create a new section
  • click the + and add “calendar”
  • drag it where you want it on the section
  • link “events” (or blog or whatever you want featured)

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  1. Dominique says:

    Hi Rebekah,
    Just saw your video – it’s great, thank you. I don’t have Squarespace 7.1, so my back end looks a bit different. I can’t manage to combine events AND blogposts on the same calendar. It’s either or, but not together. I also would like to add “store closure” on the day we are closed – not even sure if that is possible. Would you be able to tell me how to do it? Thank you so much. – Dominique

    • Rebekah Read says:

      Hello Dominique! I would definitely suggest upgrading to 7.1 – here is more info about that. I think you need to choose just the blog or events on one calendar. I am not sure how to add that to your calendar, but I would put your office hours in the footer of your website as well as under the calendar. Sorry I am not able to be more helpful!

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