How to improve your website’s scannability

Did you check out our last blog all about CALL TO ACTIONS? If not, check that one out and then come to this one all about scannability!

People don’t read websites, they scan websites (unless they are on the 4th or 5th time of landing on your site). So are you communicating what you need to say clearly and quickly?

Here are some quick tips to improve your website’s scannability, thus making people stay on it longer

1. Header on every section of your website

On a website you can add multiple different headers. The main header is your H1 (heading 1). This heading should only be used ONCE on every page. This tells search engines exactly what that page is about. You can then incorporate h2 – h6’s throughout your site to bold each section and help people scan the page easier. But remember – only one h1 tag on every page!

2. Lists

Who doesn’t love lists? Segment things into lists and bullet points and it will separate the page and won’t overwhelm the reader. This is especially important on long sales page! If you want to see someone who does this really well, check out Ashlyn Carter’s sales page for her course. This is an extremely long sales page, yet it holds your attention because of how separated sections are and the lists she incorporates.

3. Size

If you want to draw the reader’s attention to something, make it pronounced and larger so it stands out.

Put this into action! Ask someone what is the most important thing on one page of your site. Then give them 10 seconds to figure that out. This will be a great test to check your scannability and effectiveness of a page!

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