What Call to Actions to Add to Your Website

CTAs are the things in your website that ask people to take next steps. The 3 P’s of Call to Actions:

1. Don’t be passive

Click here. Inquire. Say yes. Let’s do this. These aren’t very clear. You want to be aggressive, but not invasive. I don’t want to look all over your site to find out how to schedule a call. So what are some things you SHOULD say? “Buy now” “Work with me” “Schedule a session” and “Book an appointment” are all great, non-passive CTA’s.

2. Be persistent

When someone hits a website you do a Z or F pattern so try to set up websites with that in mind – top left is logo and scroll to the right is first call to action. In the middle have another CTA and then of course at the bottom. People are easily distracted and will click away so don’t make them scroll to find the CTA. At least every 2 sections, have a CTA. Check out my home page! How many times do you see a CTA?

3. Pronounced

We have become super used to CTAs, so now it is our goal to make it extremely enticing. Make every Call To Action one color so your ideal client doesn’t need to think hard in order to take the next step. Another way to do it is to have a little bit of movement in your CTA – make it wiggle a bit or have a gradient that scrolls over when someone gets in that section. Or when you hover over, it turns to a GIF.

You can see what I did to make my button more pronounced at rebekahreadcreative.com

People coming to your website are coming at many different stages. It may be their first time and it may be their 10th, but if your CTA is direct, clear, and consistent, they can easily take that next step. Most studies say it takes someone 5-7 points of contact before they say yes, so you want something that when they come back it brings them along on a story and keeps them engaged and interested.

Another important thing to note is scannability. People don’t read websites, they scan websites (unless they are on the 4th or 5th time of landing on your site). So are you communicating what you need to say clearly and quickly?

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