How to make your website irresistible in 2020!

Your website is so much more than an online home to showcase your work, it is a place to convert visitors to clients! This needs to be done in a strategic manner, or it simply won’t happen. Here are the steps I take to make all my clients’ sites irresistible.

1. Start it off right

The majority of people will be landing on your homepage first, so start it off with addressing whom you are, what you do, and where you’re located if that is relevant. 

2. Address their pain point

Once you have answered the main questions above-the-fold you want to address that they are in the right spot. Find out what is your ideal client’s pain point, tell them they are in the right place and that you have xyz tools necessary to help them with said pain point.

3. Create the homepage flow

Like I said, this is your most visited page, so make it good, concise, and flow nicely. What I mean: you’ve already told them whom you are and what you do, you’ve addressed their pain point, so now show your next most important thing. If that is your services, mention those with links to each page. If you are a wedding photographer maybe give a brief bio about you (since we all know people don’t hire 100% for your work, but mostly for you and your personality) and then add your top 3 favorite photos (notice I didn’t say top 30 – you are a curator, so show only the best of the best).

4. CTA aka your “Call to Action”

I’m bringing this up last because I believe it is of the most importance. Where do you want your user to go next? Is it your services page? Do you want them to book a discovery call with you? In big bold letters and with a box around it for good measure, make it clear. There will be a higher chance that your potential client stays on your site longer and converts to a paying client!

Were those tips helpful? If they were, head on over to my IGTV channel to get weekly business tips! I call it Humpday Business talk where I share the real, the raw, and the valuable!

If you want a freebie all about how to make your ABOUT page convert, go here!

Thanks and 1 more thing; let me know on my Instagram page what change you will be making to your site RIGHT NOW to make it more irresistible.

How to make your website irresistible in 2020!
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