Brand Personality Quiz Results – What’s your brand personality?

Ok, stop right here! If you haven’t already, go take the brand personality quiz. Then come back to this page to analyze your results!


Did you get BOLD?! When I think of bold brands I think of McDonalds, Victoria Secret, and Harley Davidson. They all have bold logos, but more than that they try to convey a powerful and empowering personality.

Some fonts that are great for the bold individuals are Nexa, Aleo, and Peace Sans. Be weary of incorporating too many bold fonts on your site as it may overwhelm the eye. Pick just one of these for the Heading 1 (main Heading) and then go with a more subdued font for your paragraph text and H2.

Need some website inspo for bold sites? Check out and

Light, Airy, & Modern

Where are all my light and airy girls?! 🙋 Me too, my friend!

You enjoy the simple pleasures of life. No need to be over-dramatic! You have a love for light and airy photography, scripty fonts, flowy skirts, pinks, beiges, and neutral.

When deciding on a logo, consider something super simple like your name in a scripty font. And as you are choosing your fonts for your site, I would definitely suggest a flowy font like Adelya, Better Saturday, or Manilla Script. And then choose a nice sans serif with thin lines for your paragraphs!

Here are some websites for inspo! and

Boho, Dark & Moody

Ah, the majestic forest, filled with tall pine trees and beautiful sunsets peeping out over the horizon – nothing is better. This is where you belong.

When I think of boho brands I think of Natural Life, Anthropologie, and Free People. They all convey beauty and wellness in an organic, natural manner.

Some fonts that are great for the boho individuals are Wild Love, Dreamcatchers, and Boho Spirit.

Clean & Minimalistic

“Simply clean” is how this style can be described. It’s not over-done, yet it’s lovable in a complex sort of way. My girl Suu with Full Bloom Creative has NAILED this look!

When I think of clean and minimalistic brands, I think of Ikea, Vetta (clothing brand), and Article.

Fonts that will do ya well are Museo Sans, Simplifica by KAIWA, and Uni Sans Thin.

Here’s some sites for inspiration: and


Do you love those primary colors? We know!

Some brands that you may love are Southwest Airlines (have you been on any of their flights? Even their flight attendants give off a playful vibe!), Simplified by Emily Ley, Lego, and Chubbies Shorts.

Here’s some sites for inspiration:, and

If you don’t already, connect with me over on Instagram and let me know what is your brand personality!

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